Hello everybody, Brothers & Sisters  and Bikers across the Nation . This is Sasquatch of S.O.L.R. MC.  This is the Sasquatch on the road report #2

I've decided to write about our Loyal 9 patch which will entail alot more about our club then I have wrighten before, in the hope that this will give our friends a better understanding of our club and the motivation behind the good things we do !

    It is one of our most coveted patches second only to our full three piece back patch that we are awarded when we are voted in by the senior members & become a full member & turn in our prospect patch !

  Let me say that contrary to the belief of some, you dont just breeze trough your time as a prospect .The club will put you under the micro scope & test you in order to find out if you are worthy to be a club member . And determine if you are on the level. Some make it & some do not ! But lets say you become a member, well you are not automatically handed a Loyal 9 patch .


Original Sons Of Liberty Flag
Original Sons Of Liberty Flag

You have to earn it by learning the history of the Loyal 9 & attending all Loyal 9 mandatory meetings . You have to show your willingness to be a productive member of the club & earn this patch one step at a time . And I might add that you are tested on you knowledge of the history of the Loyal 9, by a wrighten quiz that will earn you your Loyal 9 Flag patch, but the Loyal 9 patch itself will come after much more dedication & perseverance .


We are 3%ers which means were laterally 3% of the biker population in the world . We are not concidered an outlaw club, but some of our good friends are 1%ers .We are a unique club because we are law abiding & peace loving citizens of the U.S.A (as are many bikers,) who up hold the law of the land & "we defend the Constitution or the bill of rights" of the U.S.A. !


We despise corruption in Government And prostest against it at every oppertunity . We adhere to our by laws which excludes us from any illeagal acivitys or organized crime what so ever . Were a club, not a gang & There's a big difference ! Frankly I am offended when those words put together, (biker gang) its counterdiction in terms !


Anyway, I'm happy to announce that at our last club meeting, I earned & was awarded my Loyal 9 patch by our President Popeye ! And I was as happy as a Bull in a cabbage patch ! 🐂 😀 well it always makes you feel great when you earn something thats not easy to get ! Like Yea I made it, I did that !  And I want to give you some insight into what our Loyal 9 patch origins are, and in turn who we represent


  The Loyal nine was formed in 1765 (thats the 18th Century by the way) by nine
#9 like-minded indevilguals, From Boston .


John Avery, distiller; club secretary
Henry Bass, jeweller; a cousin of Samuel Adams
Thomas Chase, distiller
Steven Cleverly, brazier
Thomas Crafts, painter and Japanner
Benjamin Edes, printer of the Boston Gazette; a friend of Samuel Adams
Joseph Field, ship captain
John Smith, brazier
George Trott, jeweller


Samuel Adams, who is often credited with founding the Sons of Liberty, was not a member of the Loyal Nine, but often met with them. Several other men are thought to have been involved with the group at one time or another:


John Adams, lawyer
Chase Avery, distiller
Benjamin Church, medical doctor
William Cooper, town clerk
Solomon Davis, merchan
John Gill, co-owner of the Boston Gazette
John Hancock, merchant
Gabriel Johonnot, distiller;
John Mackay, merchant
William Molineaux, merchant
James Otis, lawyer
William Phillips, lawyer
Paul Revere, silversmith and engraver
John Rowe, merchant
John Scollay, selectman and town council chairman
Joseph Warren, medical doctor
Henry Welles, ship captain
Thomas Young, medical doctor


They were a well organized  political  organization that evolved to become the Sons Of Liberty, meaning they founded the Sons of Liberty. They the Loyal 9 formed to protest the Stamp act tax imposed by the British court  .But thanks to the Loyal 9, Altough the tax stamp was passed, the Britts weren't able to inforce it . But after more maniecle imposition & methodical debauchery,  by the British that eventually lead the Sons of Liberty to stage the Boston tea party .Where they tossed an entire shipment of British tea into the Boston harbor . ("Hay tax that you Limeys")This sent a message to the Britts that we weren't about to give up our Country with out a fight  Eventuly starting the American Revolutionary war ! The Loyal 9 & thus the Sons of Liberty are responsible for preserving our freedom & our American way of life .

By standing up and fighting  against the British invasion and orignizeing the resistance against them and fighting against there oppression, unjust laws & taxes . (Sounds like Big Gov.today.)It started a bloody war that seen the armed woodsmen & the pioneers of America finialy give the British the bloody noise (they called open season on all  British officers & calvery comanders) that made them give in and sign the treaty to end the war .But it was the war that won us our independence ! And thats why freedom is not free But costly. And thats another story . And now you know about the Loyal 9 & where we take our name from .


Thank you to The Founder & Co-founder Popeye & OG. of the Sons of Liberty Riders MC for the opportunity to wright this report on Texas Biker Radio . And a special thank you to Charlie (Six pack) Smith for sponcering me into the club & helping me to get my Frankenbabe Motorcycle up & running well she's Frankenbitch sometimes, we miss you Six pack ! Sincerely, Sasquatch P.s. proud owner of an S.O.L.R.MC. Loyal 9 patch ! I'll be back & please, keep the rubber side down Folks.