In a Waco Tribune Article Deputies attempted frighten the public saying the feud between the Bandidos & Cossack's is ongoing because a man was beat up at a Bar in Elm Mott Texas. Of course they made these assumptions based on profiling and not much truth to the matter because of a T Shirt and who was present.


Here's some facts for your consideration:


The victim was walking when he arrived at Mac Daddy's Pub (not riding a motorcycle).


The victim was not a Bandido or support club member.


The victim was wearing a Bandido T Shirt you can buy at most Bike Rallies in Texas. It doesn't mean you are a member of the Bandidos or a support club member. Who knows maybe it was a gift from a relative that is a member? That's not a reason to pounce on anyone.


The victim has no clue who beat him up or how many.


We found out there were some personal underlying issues over a woman that may have been the reason for the attack. What we do know It was not a renewed conflict between the Bandidos and Cossacks as the Sheriff Deputy's suggest.


Sheriff Deputy's Lt. Kevin Ferguson and Chief Deputy David Kilcrease made statements to the media with no real knowledge of the facts. Who and why were missing from the narrative put out by them and the media. At that point they were guessing and the WTrib ran with it.


It took us less than 24 hrs to figure all of that out and we are 1000 miles away. It seems that assault investigations on Bikers or perceived Bikers are rarely solved nowadays regardless of who's doing what to who. We think a less than half hearted effort is being made to solve these crimes if any at all. We also think that they have obvious favorites.


With possible trials pending you would think better judgement would be in order. I would hate to be the one that caused my brother grief during trial, but as we all know love trumps everything and good judgement goes out the window.


It's nothing new since Law Enforcement suffers from the same issues and worse since they wear badges.


Everybody should remember the DA's office and The Sheriff's Department is still reeling from the primary elections where Abel Reyna's ass was kicked. They are desperate for some sort of victory. There are still potential trials pending and they are attempting to spew the narrative that backs up their case. Elm Mott aint it, but it doesn't mean they won't lie and try to make it so.


It's in our view no Biker should be tried by this DA's office, because of the cluster F**k they've made of the investigations, collusion with judges, gerrymandering of jury's, trial orders, hiding of evidence and violations of the Constitution.


It's very bad that Sheriff McNamara's Deputy's would try to pick up where Sgt. Swanton left off. Of course we saw what happened to his 15 minutes of fame spreading lies and innuendos across the land. It always gets them in trouble because it's built on a story full of holes and falsehoods before a proper investigation has been conducted.  


It's our job to expose the truth as best we can. The justice system has gone mad with power and lies..






Defenders Of The Constitution

& Those Who've Had Their Constitutional Rights Violated 


Sons Of Liberty Riders MC