The whole country is in turmoil and there are multiple reasons for it. Most of it comes from the top, the Oligarchy. We are not big on conspiracy theories but we can't ignore what we see. In no certain order:


1. politicians in office for decades, who have formed an Oligarchy made up of politicians, the media, the ultra rich, the well connected and corporations that are too big to fail (about 15) and now foreign governments, never has it shown more than the last decade.   


2. This administration has been fanning the flames of racism and division. Which includes funding and cover for left winged extremist groups. No matter what they do or say.


3. The early days of this administration they have called for a civilian police force as strong as our military. The government then started providing surplus military equipment and government funding to local police all across the Nation, they've become whores for federal dollars and goodies.


4. Police training across the Nation emphasis self protect with aggressive tactics. They see everyone as a threat which helps deliver us the new black panthers, black lives matter and a host of other anarchist groups. The militarization and aggressive style of the police has become their worst enemy along with the cell phone. Videos become a feeding frenzy of propaganda that feeds the anarchist ability to keep itself going along with the medias help.. 


Note: We remember an article by one of our young troops returning from Afghanistan or Iraq. That said his unit had to change their tactics of aggressive self protection because the local citizenry saw them as worse than the Taliban or Al queda.


 5. Groups quit becoming political activist when they start calling for the death of police officers or anyone else for that matter, then they become just plain terrorists when someone actually takes action on the rhetoric. It doesn't matter what their cause might be. At the root of it all is indoctrination and funding by those that would benefit in a divided America. George Soros comes to mind. The Oligarchy provides political cover for hate groups on the left.


We do not see this getting better as anytime soon. The anarchist feel pleasure and victory with every white police officer that is shot at, wounded or assassinated. In their rhetoric they include the assassination of white people in general, which was repeated by the recent shooter in Dallas. When some indoctrinated weak minded person takes that action this dangerous game may change.


Soon they will lose whatever public support they might have..


As they continue to block highways, kill police officers, threaten the public, at some point the citizens will say "enough" and demand politicians to take action. Kinda like Queens Land did with the Bikers that kept warring in public. When that happens we lose freedoms by design.

We can tell you Dallas PD will not get caught with their pants down again. As police officers continue to dodge bullets across the country it's all going to ratchet up big time. Anarchist beware, your time is coming!


Bikers be aware of your surroundings at all times.


The attention is off of us for a while.  But we must not forget our brothers and sisters that continue to suffer under an out of control judicial system in Waco. As those in the Oligarchy at all levels protect themselves from prosecution never to be held accountable. At some point this years we return for those who cannot get a trial date. Its not about police, it's about the network that protects them..


In some cases blacks have a legitimate beef with law enforcement their numbers are not always true. But all lives matter including bikers and people of all races. Its not just the police officer that's at fault, its a judicial system that protects all the bullies that get pleasure out of their actions..