"There Is No Justice Without Truth Under Oath"

Abel Reyna Is Obstructing Justice


Wave "7" February 25th 2018 will be 81 days short 3 years since May 17 2015. Why do it now? #1 setting the record strait for the public and voters in McLennan County.


Recent events have proven us right even though we have just scraped the surface when it comes to truth. From day 1 it's been nothing but one lie after the other while everyone else is under gag orders, Lawyers and defendants ordered by a rigged court system full of Good Ole Boys. Lies continue by Abel Reyna to this day as he hides from the voters and from going under oath.




What's He Got To Hide


​It's been reported he's under investigation by the FBI for corruption. Special favors for fat cat donors. Laws for them laws for us, the rich and the well connected are treated differently by the law and the DA's office in McLennan County.


Setting the record straight includes warning McLennan County Residents of the financial dangers ahead because of Abel Reyna's eagerness to what he sees as a road to the Texas Attorney Generals office or the Governors Mansion.


Abel Reyna's show trial of Jake Carrizal was a disaster as he attempted to try the Bandidos instead of anyone who actually committed a crime. Years of secrecy and hiding evidence has taken it's toll. Abel Reyna is not an honest man, not interested in truth or Justice, just his career, his next step up. Protected by Daddies name, law partners and Law School buddies and maybe even the republican party.

​But most of all Wave "7" is a 

Freedom Rally

Exercising Our Constitutional Rights.


Seeking to free those Bikers who are innocent and did not participate in the fight in the parking lot and those who were attacked fighting for their lives, COCI & US Defenders Members who were trying to hold a meeting like they've been doing for decades peacefully. 


​Had Abel Reyna not taken over the investigation from skilled investigators and followed his dreams of grandeur which is the belief that you are more important or powerful than you really are. He would not find himself in the quagmire he finds himself in today.

Somewhere within the first ours after the parking lot fight Abel Reyna steps in with stars in his eyes. From the moment Sgt Swanton spewed this incredible story full of lies and innuendos, backed up by Waco PD, DPS, other State and Federal agencies, we knew better. 


After 3 years of delay, deny and holding American citizens hostage. It's coming unraveled. He hasn't won a single trial in all this time, Bikers refuse to talk or take plea deals. The burden of 100's of trials and the refusal of the Texas AG's office to help, puts the county at risk.


​The truth is just around the corner as Abel Reyna hides from us all, he's a political coward afraid to have a dialog with us and hear the truth that he already knows, the only thing he can claim now is he was hoodwinked by the DPS & FBI who are bastions of truth, huh?


Join Us Wave "7" Freedom....


1PM McLennan County Courthouse


Ride with us...