A Pittsburgh cop was sworn into a local police department just 90 minutes from shooting an unarmed kid who ran from a traffic stop. He was riding in a car that was "suspected" to be involved in a shooting. Doesn't make a damned how good a kid he might be or if he was in the wrong place at the wrong time he's now in the cross hairs. 


The BLM is in another rampage over the use of lethal force. 3 shots fired resulting in 3 hits in various parts of the body. Hmm,1 hit wasn't enough he kept on pumping. The question now is was lethal force really required and did the officer fear for his life? Of course he will It's in their training and the usual standard of police behavior! 


When I was a teen I can't count the times we ran from cops. It was our favorite pastime in the early to mid 60's. Of course a different era and we were middle class white kids and a few Hispanic kids we went to elementary school with. We ran without guns and never was a cop in danger from us. 


But, that didn't stop them from shooting at us 3 times that I can remember. One time point blank and the sucker missed. So much for white privilege huh? Thank God for subterranean warfare, we had become experts by 14. But that's another story of The Paper Boy Mafia (everyone of us rode Motorcycles or scooters). 


It's in our view that the training police officers get nowadays is terribly flawed. Miss information, innuendo, lethal militarized training, high powered weapons creates a mindset.


Them vs everybody else.


You don't necessarily need to be black to get this treatment. Just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can get you dispatched to the heavens. 


This cop was in no danger from a kid fleeing the scene and more than likely would have been apprehended later.  A split second decision to become judge jury and executioner was made in this instance. No investigation, no trial, no jury, no judge.


This happens everyday across the land and not to just black teens. Just think everyone in that vehicle was profiled by that officer. Kids today look older than we did at the same age, that's a fact. It didn't make any difference if the kid that ran was a good student with a million dollar smile. In the eyes of the BLM he's an angel regardless of facts.


As motorcyclist we've endured this profiling and yes it's resulted in deaths, innocent people being locked up, families destroyed. We've pointed out within our society there are good and bad people everywhere. Even within the ranks of law enforcement. Many think that badge is a license to kill, arrest, mistreat even when the information they received is flawed and they know it. 


​It's a chink in the armor that protects the law. There can't be just a black public outcry. It must be loud and clear from us all. There's no room for any kind of secrecy. It's a fact law enforcement hides behind a vial of secrecy when it comes to their training and fusion centers. They receive and collect data to base life and death decision on. It's flawed and made by biased individuals in too many cases. We pay for it, we have a right to know. 


Sooner or later the truth will be known.