Waco Biker Protest from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


Probably one of the better news stories we've seen so far is by USA Today. They got the numbers right. There was close to 1000 bikers (if not a little over) that participated in the event. Bikers came from all over the state and country. A line of bikers over two miles long came down I35.


In a world of 30 second news clips many times the real story gets edited out. But for the most part we were treated well by the stories we've seen. If our message to the Waco authority's wasn't received please stand by. 


What happened in Waco yesterday was a beautiful thing that was given to us by the founders. Appreciate it! This is our weapon of choice and it's powerful when used correctly.


We noticed something when leaving Waco that we will not discuss publicly,  stay tuned this is gonna get good.


We have been slandered, the innocent have been jailed, we are being harassed by law enforcement across the state...This must stop..


We're not done...



USA Today Story 


WACO, Texas — Nearly a thousand bikers gathered in downtown Waco on Sunday to protest what they say was unfair treatment by law enforcement following the violent May 17 shootout between rival biker gangs that left nine dead and 18 injured.

Many met in the parking lot of a nearby Sam's Club to prepare for the "All for 1" rally, which began at 1:30 p.m. in front of the of the McLennan County Courthouse.

Organizers say the rally was intended to be a silent, peaceful protest, against the arrests of about 177 bikers that the group believes were arrested at the Twin Peaks restaurant simply because they happened to be at the crime scene.

On the group's Facebook page, bikers were told to bring signs that say "we are not criminals" and "I'm not a gang member."

A husband and wife who are suspects in the Twin Peaks biker shootout were released on a reduced bond. They say they had nothing to do with the violence and are completely innocent. 

The Twin Peaks restaurant has been stripped of its signage and remains closed; an adjoining restaurant also has not reopened. But many businesses in downtown Waco said they would remain open during the event.

George Gaylord, a mobile hot dog vendor, had planned to park his cart right next to the courthouse parking lot. He has a lot of friends who are bikers, and was shocked when he first heard about the May 17 shootout.

"I thought it was crazy, because I ride a bike," he said. "I mean, I don't ride a Harley, but still you get lumped into the same. I ride with full leathers ... so right away you're a bad guy to some people."