Just imagine having you Constitutional Rights jerked out from under you after serving your country Honorably for 24 years in the United States Army as a Combat Infantryman, your a Purple Heart and 2 Bronze Stars Recipient. Imagine you've spent your service life in all the hell holes in the world protecting this country with multiple tours in Iraq, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, Panama twice.


What was his crime you ask? 67mph in a 60. Now accused of Criminal Carry.


Your Constitutional Rights can be revoked for being a Member Of A Motorcycle Club even though you've never been found guilty of a single crime. You can be entered into a government criminal database accused being a gang member without your knowledge even though you have committed not a single crime.


That's exactly whats going on in Milam County Texas and throughout Texas. The DPS & FBI issues yearly gang assessment reports which includes Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMG's). There are 3 Tiers of OMG's in the Texas Report which claims OMG's conducts its illegal activities as covertly as possible and generally tries to avoid high profile activities. Really! we guess they didn't get the DPS Alert that said 700 Mongols were coming to Fort Worth? Of course that was hype and fake news. The report included they might be wearing colors or insignias that are Constitutionally protected by the 1st Amendment, they might even ride in large groups and have charity runs.


With that list of terrible crimes It's a struggle to label any of them a Street Gang. Both reports are built over years of hype, innuendo, Youtube and TV shows.


Note: Actual OMG crime reports do not match the hype generated from this report. Matter of fat law enforcement itself is guilty of more crimes listed in the report than all MC's put together in Texas and the country as a whole. If you need proof that the system is corrupt look no further than Waco / McLennen County where not a single conviction was achieved by arresting over a 177 innocent Bikers attending a political meeting.


A single law officer can revoke your CHL and Constitutional Rights like Freedom of Association and Rights to carry on the spot even though you've committed no crime "ever" and add you to a criminal database. The whole system is corrupt and there are no safeguards for the abuse that we see going on. A single Officer should not have that kind of power. He has tried and convicted you on the spot regardless of your life history. That in itself is a crime by biased groups of law enforcement that are not honest and are corrupt.


In this case it's a DPS Officer who has proven poor judgement Micheal M Tice who should not be wearing a badge.


Since Veterans make up a large part of the MC & Biking Community we will be organizing a Protest in front of the Milam County Courthouse. The Judge had a chance to do the right thing in a recent suppression hearing but like so many, "NO Balls" to buck the corrupt system. 


Stay Tuned - Popeye