That's exactly whats happening to Abel Reyna. He throws out a negative ad that includes Bikers we are going to punch back with vigor. In particular when he publicly vilifies individuals awaiting trial, therefore influencing potential jurors. I mean forget Popeye is pissed that Abel used his image in this piece of fake news produced by his campaign. 


Popeye punched back with his own youtube video that included Abel Reyna which ended in F Bombs. Abel's ego is way ahead of any common sense he might have left. But the creme de la creme of the video for Popeye was pointing out, a blubbering Abel Reyna talks of the fear he has for his family, then turns around and includes their faces up close in the video. That's a college educated man?


The fact that Reyna posted images of his wife and child has Popeye Moss more upset the most about the video, especially since other media sources have not caught up with it and Republicans are ignoring it. 


Since we know they read our stuff let us say this to Abel Reyna and Republicans. Abel Reyna likes calling Barry Johnson the Bikers candidate. Barry Johnson will not win because of Bikers. It will be because the Citizens of McLennan County have seen enough and understand the position he has put the county in and the burden of 100's of trials with no end in sight.

But maybe even worse if he wins, he plans to continue on a path of self destruction by not trying the guilty, instead he's chasing the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. He thinks it will in catapult him to higher office. He's so entrenched he's willing to risk the entire county's financial well being.


But know this. There are many Bikers that would be perfectly satisfied if Abel Reyna stays right where he's at. The lawyer hounds will tear him apart, until he's forced to free the innocent.