In the North Texas area police are now threatening restaurants and bars to ban kutts, therefore banning motorcyclist. Threats that include calling the T.A.B.C. and harassing customers. This harassment goes on today and in the majority of cases it works, at least for a while until they see a competitor with business they'd like to have. Then it's too late the Bikers have moved on. The most recent threats we've learned about is Burleson TX home of Grump's Burger Joint. Just south of Fort Worth off I-35.


So we add another city to our must go list. Any place LE says they don't want us.


Fort Worth


Lake Dallas






Twinn Peaks 


But it's in our opinion that the Bikers that have filed civil suits against the folks that had the Twinn Peaks franchise doesn't put us in a good position. Especially with the bar and food industries we might frequent. Who in their right mind would want to allow kutts based on the potential risk real or not? It's not that they don't trust us. They don't trust the law. that have become bullies.


Twinn Peaks franchise owners saw no threat on or before May 17th 2015, based on the history of COCI meetings over decades without indecent and the fact they had no problems prior to the Meeting supposed to take place that day. Now everybody is piling on blaming everybody but Waco PD, DPS, and other participating entities in an operation gone bad, very bad.   


Little did the Twinn Peaks Franchise Owners know about the part Waco PD played in instigating the Cossacks to go to Twinn Peaks. Twinn peaks knew nothing of the part undercovers played to fan the flames between the two Clubs. Twinn Peaks owners knew nothing of the pending ambush that was claimed to be an Intel gathering with AR15's. Twinn Peaks new nothing of the lies to follow by members of Law Enforcement to set a narrative that would include them as a scapegoat.  Twinn Peaks had no clue the so called gang experts had it all wrong and it was based on lies and innuendo by their own men. it showed in testimony of LE during the Jake Carrizal trial.      


It seems to us the owners of Twinn peaks were victims too. Of course we know this is what lawyers do, pile on! Hoping insurance for all the listed entities will settle quickly so they get their share. I know this is for sure by experience (that's another story). It can also be home owners of the individuals listed that are going to cough up dough.


Does Twinn Peaks belong on the list below? Article..

The defendants include: the Waco Police Department, Police Officer Manuel Chavez, Police Information Officer Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman, several Waco police officers known only as John Does , the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department, Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers, members of the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office, the City of Waco, McLennan County, Abelino Reyna, McLennan County District Attorney, Walter H. “Pete” Peterson, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 2, Peaktastic Beverage, LLC, d/b/a Twin Peaks Restaurant, Front Burner Restaurants, GP, LLC, Christopher Frost, Waco police Commander Robert Lanning, Steven Schwartz, Jeffrey Rogers and Twin Restaurant Investment Company LLC.


It's in our view innocent Bikers deserve restitution and the defendants deserve everything they have to pay and then some. Many should not have a badge or wear robes with any LE agencies, city, state, federal for what they called a harebrained scheme.


Just sayin our road becomes a little harder when it come to being bared from misinformed business owners. We plan to change that.