Texas Should Take A Few Pointers Off Of This One


Finally a city and county that has some balls. Definition Of Mob Action--Unlawful Assembly . A person commits the offense of mob action when he [1] acting together with one or more persons and without authority of law [ (knowingly) (intentionally) (recklessly) ] disturbs the public peace by the use of force or violence.


There is also a thing called equal treatment, equal justice, equal rights per the Constitution. If cities continue to allow mob action by chosen groups, it is our rights to seek redress through civil and mob actions. For instance if the BLM can paint a city street to deliver a political or social message, so can other citizens or groups be allowed to paint streets, block streets tear down monuments and street signs of people or groups we deem as evil corrupt. 


  You do not have to be a Police department to stop mob action if we organize and be vigilant. Organizing and taking civil actions for equal treatment would be key. We must attend city and county commissioner council meetings to demand equal treatment. For instance we need not change the names of city streets for political messaging... Just sayin..


Black people are not the only ones that's suffered due to police brutality or injustices, they are also not the only ethnic group that's suffered through slavery. Most of all institutional racism does not exist, all one has to do is look around or turn on a television....