Half The Country Was Put To Sleep The Other Half Needs Therapy.


Wow! For 3 days the Democrats, Adam Schiff For Brains, Wobbles Nadler and the rest of the house managers effectively put their TV audience to sleep. Many just tuned out looking for some kind of relief. So far we've learned the truth ain't in them.


Today it was the Presidents lawyers were at the bat. Lets hope the audience tuned back in on a Saturday, but the whole Nation is suffering from impeachment fatigue. Surveys show most Americans could care less about impeachment, they want the congress to get back to work, Most Americans want their say whether Donald Trump deserves another term. Not a bunch of wild eyed, partisan hacks who are short on the truth and heavy on lies and innuendos. 


But wait it gets worse for demorats!


Former Obama official and CNN contributor David Axelrod is the proverbial canary in the coal mine for Democrats and on Friday night he delivered some very grim news to CNN anchor Erin Burnett.

According to Axelrod, he participated in a focus group of Democrat voters in Chicago on Friday morning and impeachment never even came up until 80 minutes into the session.

Axelrod described the lack of interest as "chilling" as the group was more interested in discussing real issues that affect their daily lives and not a perversion of our system of constitutional government ginned up by the D.C. and New York elite and their allies in California.


The President lawyers are knocking it out of the park, first by showing everything Schiff For Brains and company left out of their presentations before the Senate Jury. We strongly suggest you listen to the 1st hours of the Presidents Lawyers by clicking here . Compare with what you've heard for the past 3 years from democrats and the media.


Its almost as bad as a Biker Trial  


Try being vilified for 70 years with outright lies, innuendos, hearsay and halve truths by the law & media. Imagine  being denied due process, installed into a gang database (without knowing it), harassed, jailed, charge with a crime and facing a crooked colluding court that limits your ability to defend yourself like in Milam County. 


OG Texas Biker Radio Host said due process is now whatever they want it to be. Thats not the case with millions of Americans who believe in the Constitution. Especially those who have taken the "Oath" to defend it. It's an Oath that Popeye and OG took at a very young age and there are millions who did the same thing, millions of us who believe and will defend.


Note that the are 18.8 million Veterans in the U.S., a million and a half live in Texas. Texas, Florida and California are the top tree. California in particular needs an awakening. Those number are enough to swing any Statewide election. Many of these Vets are Bikers. Now is the time to "primary out" some bad actors out. Those that would destroy our Constitution and with it our Rights.


That's exactly what we did with Abel Reyna in Waco. Now is the time ! If you really want to have effect it starts now while these folks are campaigning. Get involved, Get organized now!


Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall Homicide Plan is working


Homicides in 2020 are already at record pace and are head of 2019 record of 209. That's not the total of shootings only homicides? We're lookin for the total. Radio Host Chris Krock has given her a new name U-Hall, for when she's railroaded out of town over her very successful Homicide plan. It's still the OK Coral out there, keep an eye out.  



Respect, Popeye