A brief study shows us data collecting laws like TX CCP 61.02 came post 911. Government at all levels took advantage of panic and shock to take away Constitutional Freedoms. Not Freedoms of the terrorist that brought down the World Trade Center Towers, but of the Freedoms of American people. 18 years later terrorists are still knocking down buildings and killing in mass all around the world. Sooner or later unchecked tragedy comes back around to us. 



Why? It's the inability to "stay focused", power grabbing and the misappropriation of money and resources by government at all levels, Including "Texas".


Nov. 17th 1755:  We were warned about trading freedom for safety by none other than Benjamin Franklin. "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither".


When you read and then re-read laws like CCP 61.02 you realize "what a power grab"! It gives the law the ability to take away our Constitutional Rights on the spot, based on data collected by biased individuals or LE entities like the DPS. Of course CCP covers more than just gangs or perceived gangs like OMG's.


When we read through these laws which were obscure until recently (thanks to a DPS Officer On Video below) we find laws that permit Motorcycle Profiling are designed to remove your Constitutional Rights as Texans, American Citizens.


It's in our view law makers are purposely misinformed by LE, they create laws based on a little truth and a whole lot of fiction when it comes to Motorcycles and MC's. It's all about money and the ability to set a narrative and vilify.  Law makers see us once a year on Motorcycle Legislative Day. They See LE everyday in session or out by professional lobbyists. Many times using our own tax dollars.


Damned the Constitution, The Texas Constitution.    


MC Profiling:  It "is" Legalized harassment! Even though you have committed no crime now or ever. They would put you into a database force pictures as a suspected criminal with no proof. Just because you are a member of a MC Club, what you might wear, tattoos, what you might ride (motorcycle), who you might associate with.


There is no MC in the country that's banned from existing. "ZERO"!


Each time we receive a video like the one above we learn something. Keep them coming even a plain traffic stop. 


It's beyond the pale when you consider all the different groups that work everyday to overthrow, destroy, kill in this country. Those groups go unchecked including those that slip across our porous borders. What's worse they are protected by the deep state and yet they roam free.


It's certainly not 1% MC's, any other MC or just a guy going to the road on two wheels wearing a kutt. It's total neglect of the real dangers that surround us everyday. 


We believe in the Constitution which is the Supreme Law Of The Land, it trumps Laws that are created by biased government entities who would take away our rights given to us by God. 


Just Sayin...