Consider this, depending on what resource you use there are approximately 2400 Bandidos world wide, there is said to be 44,000 outlaw club members in the U.S..


The reason we are pointing this out because Law Enforcement in Waco Texas speaks as if there is an epidemic of crime by MC's and motorcyclist in General.


The real hard core data doesn't compare to what's going on Nationwide by real gang members and real drug traffickers, prostitution rings, sex slaves pimps and human smugglers. 



Real Gangs:



In Chicago there is 100,000 real gang members in one neighborhood, 120,000 in Los Angeles (gang capital of America),  1.4 million gang members Nationwide in 2012. 


The Federal Bureau of Investigation website in 2014 stated that there were some 33,000 gangs in the United States which they classified as street gangs, motorcycle gangs or prison gangs.



Notable criminal gangs according to the FBI include:




Almighty Black P. Stone Nation
Almighty Vice Lord Nation
Four Corner Hustlers
Black Disciples
Black Guerilla Family
Black Mafia Family
Black P. Stones (Jungles)
Bounty Hunter Bloods
Double II Set
Nine Trey Gangsters

Sex Money Murda
United Blood Nation
East Nashville Crips
Du Roc Crips
Grape Street Watts Crips
Rollin' 30s Harlem Crips
Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips
Venice Shoreline Crips
D.C. Blacks
Gangster Disciples
OutLaw Gangster Disciples
Hidden Valley Kings
KUMI 415
Mickey Cobras
People Nation
Philadelphia Black Mafia
Zoe Pound Gang
Asian Boyz,
Bahala Na Gang,
Bamboo Union,
Big Circle,
Black Dragons,
Born to Kill (gang),
Flying Dragons,
Four Seas Gang,
Fullerton Boys,
Ghost Shadows,
Indian Mafia,
Jackson Street Boys,
King Cobras,
Menace of Destruction,
On Leong Chinese Merchants Association,
Satanas (gang),
Sun Yee On,
Wah Ching,
Wah Kee,
Wo Hop To,
Wo Shing Wo,
Yoshitomi Group,
Tiny Rascal gang,
Albanian Mafia
Albanian Boys gang
Rudaj Organization
Irish Mob
K&A Gang
Winter Hill Gang
116th Street Crew
American Mafia
Bonanno crime family
Bufalino crime family
Buffalo crime family
Chicago Outfit
Cleveland crime family
Colombo crime family
DeCavalcante crime family
Detroit Partnership
Gambino crime family
New Orleans crime family
Trafficante crime family
Los Angeles crime family
The Jersey Crew
18th Street gang
Almighty Saints
Association Ñeta
Barrio Azteca
Cali Cartel
Dominicans Don't Play
Fresno Bulldogs
Ghetto Brothers
Gulf Cartel
Jheri Curls
Juárez Cartel
La Raza Nation
Latin Eagles
Latin Kings
Los Zetas )
Mara Salvatrucha
Maniac Latin Disciples
Medellín Cartel
Mexican Mafia
Nuestra Familia
Puro Tango Blast
Sinaloa Cartel
Spanish Gangster Disciples
38th Street gang
The Avenues
Clanton 14
Culver City Boys 13
El Monte Flores 13
Logan Heights Gang
Tooner Ville Rifa 13
Varrio Nuevo Estrada
Santa Monica 13
Tijuana Cartel
Armenian Power
Assyrian/Chaldean Mafia
Israeli mafia
Jewish Mafia
TAP Boyz
Indian Posse
Native Mob
211 Crew
Aryan Brotherhood
Aryan Circle
Asian Boyz
European Kindred
Public Enemy No. 1
Dead Man Inc.
Black Guerrilla Family
D.C. Blacks
KUMI 415
Folk Nation
People Nation
Mara Salvatrucha
Mexican Mafia
Nuestra Familia
Puro Tango Blast
Texas Syndicate
United Blood Nation
Wah Ching
Zoe Pound Gang
Russian Mafia
Solntsevskaya Bratva
Brothers' Circle
Polish mob
American Front,
Aryan Brotherhood
Aryan Brotherhood of Texas
Aryan Circle
Aryan Nation
Aryan Republican Army
Combat 18
European Kindred
Keystone State Skinheads
Ku Klux Klan
Nazi Lowriders
Simon City Royals
White Aryan Resistance
White power skinhead
211 Crew
Dead Man Inc.
Dixie mafia
South Side Popes


Please correct us if not a single MC 1% or not was listed as a real gang threat, criminals?


​If the powers that be (politicians / law enforcement) wanted to make a real dent in the activities of real gangs like the drug cartels they would quit wasting time and manpower in the wrong directions.


As we've stated before the chances of anyone in the public being hurt by a Biker of any kind are miniscule. But the chances of an American citizen to be hurt by law enforcement mistakes and someone they let get into our country by not doing their jobs is 100%. It has already happened again and again. 911, Boston, Fort Hood, Navy ship yard and not to mention 100's of thousand of people who have entered the country unaccounted for, there is a long list of law enforcement failures and abuse of the citizenry ...


The so called drug war is winnable, but there is too much money to be made. The fact is like any war our politicians extend them, not win them. If they were serious they'd take the manpower, the money and the might of our country and secure the borders like they should have done after 911. It's laughable there is no real effort in that direction. Our borders are open to all, whether they be terrorists, cartel members, human traffickers, whatever... Money - Politics and Greed drives it all...


Instead, we have crap going on like Waco where a rogue police unit lead by god knows who, hyped up with months maybe years of bad intel and undercover informants that were involved in altercations prior to an ambush in a parking lot. it's not clear what their part was in funneling the groups together in hopes of an altercation. The results were 9 people dead, approx. 20 wounded, 170 arrested with a blanket charge of participating in organized criminal activities, given 1 million dollar bonds and denied due process by a good ole boy judicial system.


Six months later no one has been found guilty the Waco DA is on the run and acting stupid...


Note: We at TBR feel the real reason behind the misguided efforts of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang units are related directly to Homeland Security and the Obama admins efforts to disarm 23 million American Veterans who have taken the oath to protect and defend the Constitution.


Many of the OMG units have turned into bullies and thugs themselves. The are armed with military hardware with little or no accountability for what they may do to any citizen.  

John says...
"The reason not one 1% is in the list the FBI applied the "but for" test" (11/2/15)