W. Patrick Swanton for McLennan County Sheriff
November 28 at 6:02pm ·

Patty Swanton: Thank you Mr. Johnson for this well written letter to the editor in today's news. And more importantly...Thank you Sir for your service!

Patrick Swanton

"The gangs involved were wrong to carry weapons into the restaurant where these events transpired."

Sarge - Ben Johnson: Swanton doing his job I read with interest the Nov. 14 article about the anti-Swanton rally. It would seem "Vietnam-era veteran" Mel Mose is misinformed. However, I support his right to free speech. Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton was merely spokesman for the Waco Police Department. I watched the tragic events unfold on the TV and Swanton became involved only after events of that day occurred. He gave out information as it was provided by various law enforcement agencies, as his position required.

Mel: Sarge, first of all your damned right we have the rights of free speech and to seek the truth. Patty Swanton was spewing misinformation within 90 minutes of the shootings in which innocent bikers were murdered. They were tried convicted and executed on the spot for what they might be wearing and where they might be standing. This included Viet Nam Veteran Jesse Rodriguez Purple Heart recipient. Every bit of that misinformation no matter where it came from was never questioned. it was sent out across the Nation as truth..95% came from Patty Swantons mouth.

Patty Swanton’s rant also included the DPS “Chicken Little” sky is falling episode -“bikers are on their way to Waco” – the green light has been given to kill police officers -  all the media fell for it including you Sarge….

I guess you forgot about “all the bikers” came to commit a crimes and murder huh!
At no time did Swanton insult, degrade or otherwise defame motorcycle riders in general or the groups involved.


Sarge: He did an outstanding job of informing the public without causing harm to the groups involved. He should be commended for a job well done under the stress of the day and, like many, he did not leave till the job of informing the public was finished. It would seem Sgt. Swanton is the victim of the backlash from events of that day at Twin Peaks. He gave information which has since been proven correct.


Mel: Are you kidding me?

Mel: OMG this can’t be real - He’s a fuckin victim – He was misinforming the public every step of the way with lies and innuendos with other state agencies getting their two cents worth in like the TABC.

Sarge: I have several friends who are riders and veterans who fought in Vietnam as I did. They are good men who are lifetime bikers and, while upset about events of that day, they do not blame any single person or law enforcement agency. In my opinion Sgt. Swanton is being accused of something he didn't do. It is also my opinion that the gangs involved were wrong to carry weapons into the restaurant where these events transpired.

MEL: I’m sorry Sarge that’s a question that remains unanswered, just how many had CHL’s? How many weapons came from locked vehicles? Almost every biker I know has a knife...

Sarge: The organization under which these outlaw gangs met [the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents] is not to blame for the events that occurred. It is the gangs that are at fault. If indeed anyone was mistreated, it was because the innocent were caught up with the bad.

Mel: "Gangs", I recently checked the FBI's most notorious gang list and not a single MC was listed, go figure! Sarge you fell for it or did you?


Sarge Ben Johnson, former sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam combat veteran 66-67 & 1970, Waco


Mel:   I thank you for your service and all veterans that served.

As a US Defender Rep who has walked the Halls of the State House to seek motorcycle Safety Legislation and knows the truth about what the meeting was about that day and who was there I say to you. Many of those folks were my friends and fellow US Defender Reps who believe in the issues we work on in the State Legislature. Patrick Swanton is not an honest man regardless of what his job might be, he does not speak or seek the truth.

During his campaign I have not heard him speak of the Constitution and the rights of the people, due process and a speedy trial. Instead we’ve seen and heard one lie after the other in an effort to give cover to a failed operation by a hyped-up  task force lead by the DPS…


Finally Sarge,  you should know better. You were in the service during the same time period I was. You do remember every serviceman combat vet or not was painted with a broad brush, spit on, attacked in airports, called baby killers? We were all treated as if we had committed war crimes. I remember as late as 1980 being told not to wear our uniforms going west to California.  

Waco and Sgt Swantons lies and innuendoes are no different, take that to the bank Sarge …





Rmg says...
"Thank you for breaking that down. His letter was written with so much admiration though, it's his type of endorsement and others like it that is a good indication of how he may get elected. Swanton is not at all an honest man. The whole thing needs to be exposed. That gag order needs lifting. " (12/4/15)