Because we were asked about this guy. We thought you should know a little bit about him. It didn't take a few minutes of listening to his video to figure him out. He's actually one of the guys making a living pushing the narrative and keeping it going.


Bio According to himself.


Edward "Fingers" Jauch is known for his law enforcement undercover work in narcotics and gang infiltrations. His career spanned three decades and he worked many aspects of law enforcement from maximum security corrections, patrol, investigations and undercover operations. Fingers was federally deputized by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (note not everyone agrees he was an FBI Agent) as well as the United States Marshals.

Fingers is an Illinois native however has lived in the Appalachian area of south Kentucky and in the northern area of Alabama.


Fingers appeared on the hit series "Gangland" on the "History Channel Network" as well as on a reality TV series "Outlaw Country" on the WGN America Network. "Outlaw Country" was produced by Bischoff/Hervey Entertainment.


Currently Finger as we call him is an instructor for the Heartland Law Enforcement Institute. Looking at their website he and a couple of other dilldoe's make up the total staff of instructors. Wouldn't we love to take one of those classes. You'll see why if you can take watching his current Youtube video. It stresses more LE training that would solve oh so many problems. Who does he propose to give LE this training, anyone, anyone?


We're not sure what audience he hopes for with his personal videos. We figure it's about self promotion and an ego trip. In the end he wants to be our friend and give us tips on by-laws. What it really shows he and those like him are behind the times and spreading bs... It's shit like this that will be the cause of missing the next big thing. 


TBR Comments: 


  Fingers FJ or whatever gives a lecture on Motorcycle Profiling on Youtube. It was sent to us for our opinion. First of you must consider the source, a former cop who claims to have worked under cover, "wow", impresses the hell out of me. Right away we know he's pitching the narrative and wants you to believe Motorcycle Profiling is all okay and above board for the first 11 minutes of the video. For good measure lets include OMG data collecting because it and Motorcycle Profiling are connected to each other. 


First of all we could give a shit about a pretextual stop. Its one and the same as profiling. He claims a pretextual stop that makes minor traffic violations or a felony stop with no probable cause perfectly legal.


Lets get real world. He failed to covered what happens if the stop isn't his perfect traffic stop. Not everybody is a good cop, in Texas we have bikers taken to jail over minor traffic violations "real or not" while the general public is treated totally different.


There are a few honest PO's that will tell us they are told to do it, the law mandates creating and updating their databases. No citations needed. We have a governor pushing databases all over the State. 


Note: Pretextual stops are based on potentially illegal bias or discrimination, often times it is impossible to determine the subjective intent of the police officer. ... Without a identifiable violation by the police officer, there exists no reason to pull you over.


Perfectly Legal doesn't make it right and Constitutional. Just because a law enforcement entity like the Texas DPS lobbies for a unjust law by hoodwinking the State Legislature doesn't mean we don't have a bitch and have the right to seek redress.


We had to laugh when Mr Finger said LE is just doing theirs jobs and just maybe they know more than we do about the world we live in. We have plenty of data that shows otherwise in may cases they don't know squat when it comes to MC's. 


But wait Mr Finger gets around to the "narrative", are you ready?


Narcotics trafficking, gun running, prostitution, motorcycle theft, murder, interstate cartage (trucking) "Really". We're not naive enough to believe some of this does not takes place in our community, we've all heard about it mostly from the law and media. There's one thing for sure it includes a lot of hype, innuendos and outright lies by LE. 


I have to be honest Mr Finger, when I looked at those series of pictures you asked us about. I saw a completely different thing, of course I have not been fed the same propaganda / brainwashing that LE gets.  We have a feeling Mr Finger is a part of it all. In that montage of pics were hardworking American Citizens. All who do their jobs and pay bills, raise families.


Forgive that we are Constitutionalists and see things differently, much differently! There is a lot Mr Finger is leaving out in his lecture. 


About 11 minutes into the video Mr Finger switches hats. Talks about poorly trained LE's and Waco. How it all could have been prevented with pretextual stops.


What armchair quarterbacking man. Let us pitch in, wow about a police presence in the Parking lot, how about the Waco PD informing the people who sponsored the event with their concerns, how about not encouraging the Cossacks to go and work out their problems, how about understanding what a COC meeting is all about, how about learning proper investigation technics, how about not trying to send innocent people to prison? The list runs on..


There were no experts there Mr Finger. Most if not all LE on the scene lied, lied and lied some more. 4 years of hell perpetrated on 177 innocent people. A crooked DA, crooked courts and crooked PO's of multiple agencies fed full of a bull shit narratives.


Nobody and I mean nobody needed to die. Poor training is an understatement.


For the most part what Mr Finger is leaving out is the bad actors in LE, along with poor training throughout. Bullies, GI Joe's, mental cases, a hierarchy full of themselves are embedded into LE. The Narrative is old, outdated and dangerous for motorcyclists across the country, especially in Texas.  We can be and have been turned into criminals on the side of the road, no probable cause, no jury, no trial.


You don't have to be a criminal to become their victim.


We've combed through the FBI reports for almost 5 years now. We know the truth about MC's, we know the truth about LE's. We know that LE itself is guilty of more  crimes you described in your narrative Mr Finger. Law Enforcement is guilty of more crimes than all MC's put together. The hype doesn't match the reality of it all because of folks like Mr Finger.  


Finally Mr Finger get around to the book he waves around "Motorcycle Gang Identification Manuel. We don't know that that's real or something he put together for his class to purchase. If they need a Manuel for that our LE is in deep trouble and so fucked up....


Just sayin that's our opinion..



We suggest you start at 11 min mark to skip pretextual stops - Its BS