Trust Your Ballot With Postal Workers
Trust Your Ballot With Postal Workers
All of you that are happy with your local post office raise your hands? Anyone, Anyone? All of you have experienced standing in line with never enough tellers to do the job? All of you in favor of bailing the Postal Service out again to the tune of 25 billion dollars raise your hands?


Poor performance by the US Post Office is the very reason the UPS, Fed Ex and a host of others exist. So now pelosi and crew want us to put our faith in the Post Office. Faith they can deliver a fair, impartiale, vote in the upcoming presidential election. Please understand post office employees have skin in this game. Don't you think the Post Office employees would have a conflict of interest? 


Regardless of what you might find on the internet, as a postal worker you must follow federal rules and you receive federal benefits. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t consider postal workers federal employees. Bullshit!


The U.S. Constitution created the post office, so Congress has direct control over the rules and regulations the post office must follow concerning operations and personnel. However, the U.S. Postal Service does not receive tax dollars—all of its revenue comes from the sale of stamps and other mail supplies. Bullshit!


Understand the USPS is not required to make a profit since the federal government is mandated to keep it going, no matter how much is loses, no matter how much it's mismanaged, no matter how many times they testify before congress. The truth is they don't give a shit what we might think of their lack of service. It's a gravy train that can start you out at $72k a year with zero experience, if your a member of the ethnic group of the day? Just sayin from personal experience...


So now we want to put the most important election in my lifetime in the USPS's hands? We say to you, your vote is to important to put in someone else's hands, Vote in person to make sure your vote counts... 


Hidin Biden: Lets take a brief look at Joe Biden and his 47 years in DC. You see it's been quit lucrative for him and his family ( really good for Hunter). In 1972 he (Joe) entered the US Senate at 29 yo and a salary of $42K a year. There's a pattern to the career path of politicians and bureaucrats, it's very disturbing. Take Biden's years as VP his pay as VP 243,500 per year it grew and grew bigtime.  Joe Biden’s income soared from less than $400,000 a year while he was vice president to more than $15 million in the two years after leaving the Obama White House, a spike in wealth due to sales .. Joe Biden has never made a product or run a business in his life. We're told this comes from speeches and book sales. For the life of us we cannot figure out who would pay to hear a gaff a minute VP that everyone makes jokes about and what book that might be, a joke book, lobbying for profit, lunch with the Chinese government, selling out America or keeping blacks on the democratic plantation.  Just sayin..


For years we've been screaming about politicians enriching themselves when they are supposed to be working for the American people. Average Joe is the perfect example. as a Democratic Senator from Delaware, he cozied up to credit card executives while championing their cause in Congress, making it tougher for average Americans to file for bankruptcy.


Ref Washington Examiner: Biden was a key architect of and whip for the 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, which made it harder for consumers to declare bankruptcy. At the time, bankruptcy filings were at a peak of more than 2 million and legislators worried that the system was being abused. After the bill became law, bankruptcy filings fell by 70 percent.


Biden’s senate campaign committees received $208,175 from MBNA employees from 1989 through 2010, the second-largest source of contributions, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ In the 2006 election cycle, employees from Citigroup employees donated $18,825, those from Bear Stearns donated $15,000 and from Goldman Sachs donated $10,500.

In total, Biden received $1,126,375 from those in the securities and investment industry, $304,475 from finance and credit company workers, and $295,900 from commercial bank employees.

Biden’s ties to MBNA and banks span beyond political contributions from its employees. Home sales, family jobs, and free trips caused critics to dub him “the senator from MBNA.”

In February 1996, MBNA executive John Cochran bought Biden’s home outside Wilmington for the full $1.2 million asking price, while other similarly appraised houses at the time sold for around $100,000 to $200,000 less than asking price. MBNA then paid Cochran $330,115 that year for moving expenses and noted that he lost $210,000 due to the sale of his Maryland home.

Cochran also donated $2,000 to Biden’s 1996 Senate reelection campaign, FEC records show. MBNA in 1997 flew Biden and his wife to Maine so he could give a speech, Biden’s Senate financial disclosure showed.

Biden’s son Hunter started a job MBNA in November 1996 after Biden won reelection, in part because he wanted to be close to home. After leaving the company, Hunter became a lobbyist, but continued collecting an undisclosed amount of money from MBNA as a consultant — all while the bankruptcy bill moved through Congress. MBNA said that Hunter never lobbied for them and that his work had nothing to do with the bankruptcy bill.

The Wilmington News-Journal noted in 2008 that Biden was "neighbor to wealthy and powerful company titans and du Pont family members," one of the richest families in America.

A spokesperson for Biden did not respond to a request for comment, but in a 2008 NBC interview Biden downplayed his family’s relationships with MBNA executives and rejected the notion that he was in the “pocket of the corporate lobbyists.” Those who defended Biden’s support for the bankruptcy bill said that he was looking out for the interests of Delaware’s economy, a major financial and banking center.

Biden’s support for the 2005 bankruptcy bill sets him apart from progressive Democrats running for president and other Democratic leaders in Congress. Independent then-Rep. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinsten of California, Barack Obama of Illinois, and Chuck Schumer of New York all voted against the bill. Elizabeth Warren, not yet a senator, fought against the changes.

“The bill was a big, fat, wet kiss for credit card companies and auto lenders. It ensured that private student loans could not be discharged in bankruptcies,” Levitin said. “It also exacerbated risky mortgage lending.”

New York Federal Reserve researchers later said that the bankruptcy bill could have been a contributing factor in destabilization that led to the subprime mortgage crisis. Analysts have said that the bill made private student loans a lucrative business and linked the bill to the rise in retail businesses filing for bankruptcy.

“Biden’s got some explaining to do, I think, to the Democratic electorate,” said Levitin, the Georgetown University law professor. “I don’t think millennials in particular have kind of pieced together that Biden’s involved with their student loan debt.”

Living in the most expensive areas of the country Joe's manged a net worth of 9 million, this includes 2 homes in Delaware worth combined $ 4 million.


Hunter Biden's net worth is said to be 3-4 million, we do believe there might be a discrepancy in those numbers for someone that's never had to really work, just be there and have a dad with influence. He's now partners with Rosemont Seneca the hedge fund he brought home the bacon to from the state owned China Bank 1.5 billion.... Thank you dad... Hunter