Just a quick summary:

The trial was a horrible experience for the families. I am disgusted at the comments and actions of the defense attorneys. Presenting a case is one thing but to try and flip it calling Chris Kyle the initiator was a disgusting low in my opinion, they crossed a line to include rude actions and behavior. In 18 years in Law Enforcement, I've never seen such low class by the defense. We understand they wanted insanity but what happened yesterday in closing arguments was a disgrace. I'm so glad this worthless excuse for a life gets to spend his days locked in a small room. I'm elated that PTSD and or the military were clearly proven not to be the blame.


I hope the DA goes after the 100k dollars his family received from the VA and its speculated by testimony they apparently spent it on a house down payment and new motor home. At least that money now belongs to the state/families and I have no doubt Erath County will get it all back. Let's find his drug supplier and charge him as well. Justice is being served and all will be held accountable.

I'm so impressed with Erath County. The citizens should be very blessed to have such an impeccable Judge and DA.

To the Texas Rangers, Erath County SO and Stephenville PD, Thank you for the time you put in to this and your warm hospitality to all the family and friends. You are the finest representatives of Texans.

Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. Taya knows you are with her and she truly thanks you.

Last night was a huge relief, a large weight off the backs of many. Taya was very happy last night. As she wakes up today, she will feel more blessed. She will work hard to honor Chris and many will follow close behind her.

May Taya, the kids and his family have a life filled with joy and blessings. May Saint Christopher continue to watch over and protect all of them to include the military, police and veterans he so loved.

Today as a white snow falls from the sky it feels almost like a divine and peaceful blessing. Restored hope that tomorrow will be better.

Please remember what Chris always said; "It's our duty to serve those who serve us."
Missed but never forgotten. Thank you Chris and Chad for changing a nation.