We've heard some Clubs complain about Insane Throttle hosted by James "Hollywood"Macecari, but man you have to give kudos when the guy gets it right regardless of what you might think might think of the format of the show. It seems to be working. He's right about another thing "you don't get rich doing this". Youtube pays little if anything, merchandise is a pain in the ass, it takes time and effort to stick to it..  But lets move on to his point Homeless Vets and the BLM, no they're not connected....


Homeless Shelter FTWe

#1 is homeless Vets which continues to be a problem Nationwide. Now is the perfect time to bring it back up because VA services seem to be taking a vacation over the China Virus, using it as an excuse to do nothing. We can always expect that out of federal workers who seem to never miss a paycheck like the rest of us in the private sector do. We can only hope these reports are wrong, we'll find out.


It was maybe 4 years ago we did a story on homeless Vets. Next week we'll launch an investigation to see the effects of the China virus and if there has been any real improvement in Fort Worth as they have claimed. 



The reasons for homeless Vets are varied, mental health, ptsd, drugs, alcoholism, loss of career and stable families are just off the tops of our heads. That information came from homeless Vets not the people that were supposed to be providing shelter. You can't put your finger on any one thing as to why a military trained person falls into this pit. We would think a Vietnam or Vietnam era vets are in dyer need of help at this time. It's hard to think that an illegal person not of this country would receive more benefits than someone who served our country.  


The VA sure doesn't have a handle on it since suicides continue at a high rate.


If the VA services have gone into hibernation over the China Virus help for Veterans is only going to get worse. For this reason Popeye is going to make an appointment with his VA Doctor and take us along for the ride via video.... This should be interesting..


#2 The Insane Throttle host went political by calling out the BLM and all the shootings (murders) going on in Chicago and other cities around the country. Left winged politicians who are literally killing black people and their children, but that's okay as long as it fits their narrative to blame it on Trump.


Just sayin..