ROGUE COPS: It's incredible that more & more Bully Cops are being caught and fired for beating black citizens. The latest was two cops from Georgia, first one sucker punches and the other comes in kicking after the victim is handcuffed and on the ground.  Of course it's not just blacks that get this kind of treatment by bully cops. There seems to be no shortage of these rocket scientist. Many with long careers. In this case one officer was a 19 year police officer. You have to wonder how many people has this sucker smashed up over 19 years. Cameras in this day and age are everywhere. Lets hope this trend of arresting bully cops continues and it changes the attitude of police forces around the country. You can't treat American citizens like shit whether the be black, white, brown or in our case a Biker.


FAKE NEWS FBI:  FBI Director James Comey seems to get off on running to the media, it's incredible that he feels the need to run to the fake news media to warn us about Fake News. What is it people like to say? Folks who live in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks. The FBI, DEA, CIA, DPS and local police departments around the country are kings of fake news. Case & point Waco Twinn Peaks where the crimes must fit the narrative. 

No Need To Worry?: As we ride our Bikes up and down the highways it seems as though the entire world is saber rattling USA, Russia, Great Britain, Iran,Syria, North Korea and the Democratic Party who are now war hawks. Somebody's going to f---up sending a message. Should we bend over and kiss our butts good bye over the threats of Kim Jong Ping Pong Un Cunt? ....Nah!       

MOAB MOAB MOAB: Of course being a military man I love the MOAB which should have been used early on in the 16 year war in Afghanistan.The mountains of Afghanistan have been a haven for those attacking our young troops. Fronm what we are hearing they are having trouble telling how many were killed since they be in itty bitty pieces.

WACO TWINN PEAKS:  A federal judge has extended a stay until Sept. 1 in the civil rights lawsuits filed by bikers arrested but not indicted in the Twin Peaks shootout until.

However, U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks warned McLennan County and city of Waco officials that after that, he would need more than their assurances that cases against the unindicted bikers “remain under investigation” to convince him to keep the stay in place.

Sparks, of Austin, stayed proceedings in the Twin Peaks civil cases in August, saying the criminal prosecutions of the 155 bikers indicted in the cases took precedent over the civil lawsuits.

Attorneys for those bikers who were arrested but not indicted asked Sparks to lift the stay in their cases, but the judge, in a recent ruling, left the stay in place until at least Sept. 1. (Waco Trib)



Texas Weather looks great today ride safe brothers & sisters ride safe.





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