So far The McLennen County DA has tried everyone but Jake Carrizal using experts from out of town who have monetary interests in fingering the Bandidos as OMG's in their opinion. They've admitted they know little about the Bandidos and we figure they know less about Jake Carrizal. The DA;s entire case is based on branding the Bandido's as an OMG, Jake Carrizal would be guilty by association and they have yet to say what actions he might have made.


Note, nowhere does it say it's illegal to be a Bandido or Cossack, nowhere does it say they do not have the right to peaceably assemble as members of the TCOCI. This is a slippery slope when we start prosecuting the collective instead of those individuals who may actually be guilty of crimes. No one has put a gun in Jake Carrizal's hand or said he did anything so far.. 


It's hard to wrap your heads around when you look at the state our Nations in.


The rich & well connected take a walk from crimes that are hard to phantom, why is the Drug Industry considered a gang of sort 17,000 Americans killed by opioids peddled all over the country, top law officials are lobbied and end up employed by drugs companies. Politicians turn a blind eye seeking money for campaigns and under the table cash.  


Exposed is the pedophile  and sex slave epidemic in the entertainment business. Just discussed today in The United Clubs meeting that it is illegal not to report child abuse in Texas. How in the hell can an entire industry know about it and not say a thing.    


On top of that knowing that law enforcement commits more crimes than all Clubs put together.


The thought that an individual could be convicted of crimes he or she did not commit using this sorry ass law is disturbing. Just because they can doesn't make it right...