There's nothing like having the beach to yourself, along with a few family & friends. Of course this is fuel for the crazy left who probably engineered a New Jersey government shut down for political gain. That being said the arrogance of politicians to think it's okay to go to a closed public beach during a government shut down proves to us there needs to be changes, severe changes on both sides of the isle, not just Governor Christie. 


This is nothing new, even government workers state & federal enjoy the time off with pay. We have little sympathy for their plight. Further more we have little sympathy for those who elect morons who want nothing but fights and face time in the fake news. 


In the end it's just self inflicted drama that doesn't need to happen at all. It always ends with threats on social security payments.


Maybe one of these days they might consider spending less and operating within a budget?


Update 07/04/17 12:15AM: NJ State Legislature settles on budget deal now get your asses back to work and earn your pay.