A Change In Course?

Not really! Right now we need to concentrate on our State. Our stance has always been. We believe every citizens has the right to Campaign or support their Candidate of choice without interference, no matter what your politician persuasion might be.


It's your Constitutional Right to do so.


We're asking everyone to do your due diligence, participate in the process and




You can check to see if your registered to Vote Here 

Gun Safety Groups Target Texas


Everytown for Gun Safety announced on Wednesday its plan to spend at least $8 million in Texas to elect gun control advocates. What their really trying to do is flip Texas with millions of dollars aimed at our State Legislature. It's an all out effort to go after 2nd Amendment Gun Rights and attack our Constitution. Again do your due diligence and vote accordingly. 

Political Concerns For Bikers


There are races we are concerned about. They are an important part of our Legislative agenda for 2021. In particular Motorcycle Profiling and TXGang Databases. One drives the other  and we have a plan. 


Its very important we protect Constitutional incumbents along with those seeking office of those retiring or moving on. They should have a history of Protecting the  Constitution. In our opinion it should be #1 on their agenda because it's under assault from outside sources.


In many cases Bikers are enough to help win in close races. Money is being funneled from outside Texas and it should not sit well with us. 


This is an urgent call since early voting is happening now, but it's not too late to help out. There are plenty of politically savvy Bikers in your area get with them asap. Any Regional COCI could help guide you.



Too Late


Facial recognition software the government is already using is so advanced if anyone has posted a picture of you it can pick you out even with a partial mask. Currently, most police officers do not need a warrant to run your picture or likeness through a law enforcement database, so long as doing so has a legitimate purpose. Police can analyze security camera footage stills and even Facebook photos to help crack difficult cases. Many States & Cities are making moves to protect their citizen. You can bet it comes into play as Law Enforcement seeks more.


Its more than likely the reason a police officer recently asked to take a picture of a Biker who was not on his Bike but in a cage. Said he needed to put a picture to the face, even as he was holding his drivers license in his hand. We were scratching our heads until there was a report on Facial Recognition on the news within hrs of this event.


Be aware when a cop tells us the are updating their data.


There will be an update to this page on Friday

 Re- Elect Dr. Micheal Burgess 

Congressional Motorcycle Caucus Co Chair

Supporter of Motorcycle Profiling Resolution H.Res.255


Dr. Burgess is a big supporter for our cause please give support.