When Will Abel Reyna become a Liability


Trouble is swirling around Abel Reyna and at some point he will regret the day he stuck his nose into the Twinn Peaks investigation. But that's not today is it?


When a politician is caught doing something like selling his or her office for special favors first they dent deny deny, then attack the messengers, then they try to weather the storm and look for support from party elites. If it's not there they are toast especially if they loose support of rank and file members. Then it doesn't matter what the elites say or do, they are endanger of poisoning the well.


​There is now more than enough evidence that Abel Reyna is poison for the Party. The FBI can hang around for a very long time as we know. But there's hope for Reyna, democrats have used the rope a dope tactics for decades and still use it today, the Clintons walked free and held office for the most egregious of crimes. Today its Al Franken and a host of others. The Clinton Foundation made a Billion dollars disappear no questions asked,


But we digress.. 


Today New Names have thrown their hat into the race for McLennan County DA. Excitement rages. I asked two friends who live in McLennan County just when was the last time a Democrat won a major office in Mclennan County? Anyone? Anyone, 

Bueler, Bueler?


We couldn't stand it so we went to the archives all the way back to 2012. The News is not good. Is Freddy Cantu a household name? State Rep Robert Stem (D) won by a whopping 54%. Republicans rule by large margins of 60 to 70%. That's every year from 2012 to the present, we didn't bother to go back any further.


Looking at the over all picture many Republicans ran unopposed, especially Judges, no wonder the courthouse is a Baylor fed cesspool.  We can't depend on Democrats or Libertarians, we need to primary Abel out, he has a republican opponent, we need to high lite Abel's transgressions so that he becomes a bitter pill for the citizens of McLennan County..


Wave 7 (Wave 7 will not be Jan 1st) will be to high lite those transgressions and what happens if he's re-elected and continues this destructive path, We will use any means necessary to show Abel Reyna is a liability they cannot afford!!