Connecting The Dots 


Wednesday Afternoon

Attorneys for the bikers are saying they can’t get a fair trial from the Waco Judges, that the DA and the Judges are on the side of the cops.

Visiting Judge Robert Stem decided that his "buddy" Judge Matt Johnson could be fair and that the other Judge’s statement about “even the appearance of impropriety”,  wasn’t the case here so he ruled that Judge Johnson should sit on the bench.   This Judge is like the Don Corleone of good old boys.

Let’s take a look at Judge Stem’s brother and family history.

Judge Stem’s  grandfather served for decades in the Waco Police Department ending his career as the Chief of Detectives.  His father served as the Waco City Attorney. His brother,  Wiley Stem, is the Deputy City Manager of Waco,  in charge of,  yes, you guessed it,  WACO PD.


Brother of Judge,  in charge of Waco PD,  naw,  nobody is biased here.  Wouldn’t “appear” that way.  Naw.




Realize the Network of Bad Actors does not stop at the court house, old family names of the rich & well connected (Police Officers, Sheriffs, DA's, Judges, Politicians) have abused the system and their powers for decades in six shooter junction and across Texas.


Of course in modern times there is a new kind of lynching isn't there?