Judge PeePee
Judge PeePee
Better known as Pete Peterson who looks like a used car salesman. No offense to used car salesman. They are certainly  a mile up from Judge PeePee, the congress and senate. Some say he's been on the strait and narrow since Twinn Peaks.


Does that really make a crap to us since he was playing dirty pool when Abel Reyna came a knockin. Remember he was the million dollar baby, yes the person that put them all under million dollar bonds.



He's another one that thinks the Constitution is whatever he says it is. Apparently this son of a bitch has never read the 8th Amendment “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel unusual punishments inflicted. Bonds he set before a proper investigation was completed. Matter of fact 3 years later and its still not completed.


There was no way he could know which way was up at that time, not with the arrest of 177 people. He was working off of bull shit from Abel Reyna, the DPS, Waco PD and others covering their ass and setting the narrative.


No questions asked By The Former DPS Officer! 


He already had his mind made up since he's "heard" the gang reports from the FBI and DPS based on lies and innuendos. Like many others in law enforcement they've been brain washed and don't really want to know the truth of it. I know I've witnessed it first hand, but that's another story.


So do you think he deserves a pass? Do we have a good candidate we can get behind and give it our best shot. Are the people of McLennan County ready to send another message to the OPO's (outlaw public officials) that remain in government? 


If so lets ask the Mob (citizen reporters) to start digging and providing information at ALL FOR 1....





I'm just sayin