FTW Police released an ATF Bulletin to the Fort Worth Star Telegram stating that the Mongols Motorcycle Club is headed to the FTW Stockyards this weekend for a rally. 300 to 700 so the ATF says. 


We find ourselves wondering what is the purpose of the article? Is it meant to inform or is it to create hype or set a narrative?


Since Twinn Peaks we don't trust much coming from 3 letter LE entities and the media, who regurgitates what the law says word for word without question.


Over 3 years since Twinn Peaks and the lies and innuendos just keep coming. There is no bastion of truth out there. We can't trust because of what we've seen and know. The law has been doing false narratives since the 40's and they've honed their craft without question until now.


We are here to question the narrative and more.  


Lets follow some statements in the article.  ATF warning that the Mongols motorcycle gang is a notoriously violent gang. The gang is known to be involved in the transportation and distribution of drugs, including cocaine and meth, and has frequently committed violent crimes, including assault, intimidation and murder to defend their territory and uphold their reputation, according to the U.S. Justice Department. You can trust them right?


Wow! They left off sex slaves, human trafficking, gun running and other stuff that comes out of the FBI, DPS, ATF and Kurt Sutters mind. They've actually used the fictitious TV show Sons Of Anarchy as examples in court from so called gang experts. Myans MC soon to follow. 


The article noted that the Mongols were not listed in the cut and paste waste of time called the DPS Gang Assessment Report. Iy hasn't changed nuch over the last decade. Why would they be if they are new to the Texas scene? It's in our view no 1% MC belongs in that report for they are not street gangs. They struggle to make the Bandidos a street gang because there is very little factual data to back the claims up.


However there is enough data to place Outlaw Public Officials into the report. Cops, border patrol, homeland security, politicians commit more crimes of the nature they describe than all MC's put together. Just sayin" 


​May we suggest to you this ATF warning is more about setting a narrative for future trials in Texas and across the Nation. This is about scaring or should we say influencing the public and potential jurors into believing the narrative they want to create.


A trap is set and they are waiting for you to fall in. Cool heads and fun for all should be the order of the weekend in and around the Stockyards.

It is the right of every Biker and MC across the Nation to assemble peaceably per the Constitution.


It's not our job to watch what any MC is or is not doing. It is our job to protect our Constitutional Rights as Bikers. Seek out corruption within the law and courts where lies and innuendos are the order of the day.


The Narrative is a trap that's been used for decades against Bikers. It's time to keep track and inform Bikers everywhere and let the public know.