Its amazing, every time we think there is a lull in the action something hits the headlines. Reyna doesn't want to lose his first trial. Not after all the bru haha over the arrest of 3 Bandidos which we've pointed out pales in comparison biggest gang of all. Public Officials which we've dubbed OPO's Outlaw Public Officials.


All one has to do is turn on the news or do a little research to figure out this is true. When Waco DA Reyna mentioned his gang just hours after a group of TX OPO's with a badge ambushed Bikers that got into a fight in the parking lot of TP. He was telling the truth when he said my gang.


The OPO's in this country has usurped the Constitution and as we pointed out in an article just yesterday the OPO's have passed laws that prevent us from altering or abolishing the government when it is no longer responsive to the people.


The founders of this country true visionaries and men of Honor warned us of the corruption and tyranny to come.


OPO's are made up of elected officials from the president on down to schools boards, bureaucrats, regulators and law enforcement. It's really telling when government OPO's like the IRS, Nation Parks Service, DOE Department Education,  EPA Environmental Protection Agency and the BLM for Gods sake. All have their own police forces along with swat teams, they can work independently or in unison. There is one thing for sure this brotherhood has each others backs and will arrest, incarcerate and kill anyone the government sees as a threat to their domain.


OPO's are lethal, There is no equal OMG. We can't think of a single one that has an MRAP or fully automatic weapons with millions of rounds of ammo and unlimited funding stolen from the people. We sure didn't get the opportunity to have a say in weather our local police forces should have military grade weapons.


One thing is for sure in order for them to maintain control they need to dumb down the citizenry (your children are being indoctrinated) and create public enemies true or not. We've already pointed out the corruption in OPO's.


Bikers are and remain easy targets, there are ways to fight back and it requires organizing. We're not going to win in armed conflict, the people have been brainwashed to sit by and watch it happen and their children will hand over the keys along people not of this country.


Time is running out since the government is flooding the country with people who do not share our values or understand the meaning of freedom and the Constitution that's gives us those freedoms...