We thought it kind of funny when Tommy Whitherspoon tweeted he's a courtroom junky. We like Tommy because he's a good guy, but he's there for a reason and he's been doing it for 21/2 years now.


He's there at the courthouse and has special access because he reports the narrative word for word, whether it's for Waco PD, AP, The Judicial Good Ole Boys (GOB's), the City or Waco / McLennan County. Let's throw in whatever politician the WT is behind. 


It's all about the Narrative they want you to read, see or hear. Tommy has it down after 30 years of practice. 


The narrative today "Evil Biker Gangs" is designed to convict 155 people of the same crime. Claims that all were there for criminal activities & murder.


We are telling you in today's society it's impossible.


There is no investigative reporting in or around McLennan County outside of Texas Biker Radio News and Others that contribute to All For 1 On Facebook. The others we talk about are a thorn in the good ole boys network side, they (GOBs) can and will have the Law bar them from access. Although we think it's their right to do so as freelance investigative reporters. Press credentials are like College Degrees nowadays, "paper" or laminated paper.... 


Times have changed Bubba, it's the rise of the Citizen Reporter, we have a Network of millions. Camera ready! The Fake News that we've been witnessing around the country and McLennan County gives us momentum, while they continue a death spiral with approval ratings lower than the Congress and used car salesman. 


We apologize to the used car salesman of the world for putting them within this catagory.