Poor Jeb Bush, he doesn't know whether to invade Iraq or not?


He's being invaded by the MSM. Soft spoken Jeb is not ready for this fight.


Last we heard we had vacated Iraq and ISIS has taken over (thank you Obama). Maybe Jeb should say to the media "what difference does it make" and point at Hillary?


Jeb is getting Jib Jabbed by the MSM, while Hillary zooms around avoiding questions and the media at all cost. She hasn't taken a question from the media in weeks and they let her get away with it. 


Ole Jeb is just not as slick a liar as the Clinton's. Of course the media helps in that don't they? The media spends all their time trying to connect Jeb to his brother and father and zero time trying to connect Hillary to any crime shes perpetrated, yes we said crimes. I don't know how many times we have to say foundations are a way for the rich to launder money..


The Clinton's have become pros in influence peddling and on our dime. She's destroyed thousands of emails to cover up evidence, but she can't destroy whats on other peoples servers that received those emails.


The Clinton's are susceptible to blackmail. You wanna put that in office?


We've been a country of blind fools when elections come around. We've been following the parties and the media off the cliff. It's time we say no to the media and their anointed families of politics, doesn't matter if its city hall or the white house.


Politicians that have been in office too long or follow their party leadership to the detriment of the country are guilty of political malpractice. 


Failing Economy, Failing Schools, Failing Cities, Failing Bureaucracies, Failing Infrastructure, Corruption, Porous Borders, Terrorist Attacks, the list runs on and on.


The snakes have now found new ways of creating earmarks without their names on it. Earmarks are nothing more than schemes to steal tax dollars. 


They exist to expand government and their power over the people, nothing more..


Wake Up America - No to Clinton or Bush - No Royalty In America