Country Going To Hell But I Saved The Light Bulb
Country Going To Hell But I Saved The Light Bulb
As a constitutional conservative I’m doing everything in my power to fight the most corrupt politician ever from the White House, Hillary Clinton. Surely our politicians are seeing the daily doses of lies and corruption that we are seeing from alternative media like Texas Biker Radio. Scandal after scandal with zero accountability by anyone at any level of government. The collusion that exists between the main stream media, the DNC, DOJ, FBI, Obama and Hillary herself. Surely they are as upset as I am and everyone I talk too is.

So I went to my congressman’s website Joe Barton. I wasn’t really surprised to find there was not one comment on the presidential election. Even Joe Barton’s Facebook site was full of nothing but fluff, Oh, he is hero of Ennis TX which seems to be ground zero for Joe. Joe once told us he believes the Constitution is a living breathing document, where have we heard that before? Al Gore! That comment had us all buzzing. Not to fear, Joe knows the system is rigged in their favor. It's called The Math Problem


It seems that Ole Light Bulb Joe who’s been around 30 years is not down for the fight of our lifetime. Has he ever without turning tail when party elites put him back in line?  Apparently my congressman Joe Barton is going to sit this one out in favor of Hillary Clinton and continued corruption.

Are We There yet?
Are We There yet?

Every conservative politician in this country should be screaming too high heavens about the corruption of Hillary Clinton and progressives. Their silence is deafening and should be noted by every Constitutionalist, every conservative, every republican voter. God forbid that conservative politicians mess up the gravy train of the Progressive Elites In both parties. God forbid that they make an attempt to reel in the corruption that we know exists in government at all levels.

Think I’m kidding? Joe’s website.. What are representatives doing? Both Texas and Federal? Find my Representative Fed  - TX

Right now I’m thinking about firing Ole Joe as my congressman, sit this one out like many republican wusses and elites are doing, stand on my principles in favor of lies, innuendos, corruption and scandal. Join in with the main stream media and back-stab your constituents to give Hillary cover. Why rock the boat when we are on the verge of change through lax borders, generous welfare for immigrants, an invasion through immigration without assimilation?

30 years and my congressman has not learned to fight fire with fire, republicans yack us to death with do nothing committees with no power, there is nothing Honorable about sitting on your ass while Hillary, Obama, the DNC overthrows the system and the sanctity of the vote.

Know What An Oligarchy IS?
Corruption and collusion from the FBI, DOJ, DHS, IRS, DNC, RNC all the way to highest office in the land. Lead by Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary.


Our elected officials are powerless to do anything about it. The DOJ and FBI has proved themselves worthless and corrupt.

What power republicans had they failed to use for the past 8 yrs. That’s the reason there is a non-politician at the head of the republican ticket, trying to say we told you so will not work, voters like me will move on..


There will be a new conservative party if they don't find some balls and fast. 


Tomorrow I think I might check out my Senator John Cornyn and just fro grins my TX State Legislator and see if he's in or out? I'll let ya know.


You might do the same let us know.

You and I “We The People”, let’s work to reel the cowards and blood suckers in. Lets prove all the polls and media wrong, lets support our Constitution, lets save America and Texas..

Vote Trump!