It's obvious the government can't and won't protect American citizens from enemies foreign and domestic. A pledge many of us took when we at a very young age. We took it serious, so serious we were willing to die for our country and many have done just that war after war in far away lands.


Years of dumbing down and political correctness was on display in Orlando Florida for those that could see it. A Nation of victims who can't protect themselves, who look to the government for help in every phase of their lives. They huddled in fear along with politicians that were more than willing to lead them to defeat, claiming they'll rise up and move on with their daily lives waiting for the next attack..


Potential Terrost
Potential Terrost

BS, the FBI once again had a potential terrorist in their sites and let him go unchecked, ignored warnings. Once again we learn of wasted resources chasing people who are anything but terrorists. TSA prime example, striping down granny and grabbing grandpa's nuts while ignoring the obvious people to look at. Airport and border security is a joke, student visas passed out like water. 


Now politicians on the left like Obama and Clinton (creators of ISIS) will blame anything or anyone but themselves for the PC atmosphere they along with the media have created. Television has dumbed down America to the point most can no longer recognize truth from fiction and outright lies from those that bring us news. Many young people think comedy news shows is real news.


Here's the truth. If any muslim sees us as infidels, he or she is a Jihadist. There will be more attacks for more than a few reasons.


#1.Those on the left like Obama who continue to import terrorist and push political correctness within government agencies.


#2. The will of the government to defend the people at all cost.


#3. A comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS and others.


#4. The failure to win wars and defeat the enemy.


#5. Victims who will not protect themselves, waiting on police who may or may not come in time to save lives.


I've had one politician in the last 4 years tell me he might need my help in some unforeseen battle ahead. Tarrant County Sheriff candidate Bill Waybourn who was also my CHL instructor. Yes Sheriffs are politicians.


I now see it as my duty to carry my weapon at all times to protect myself, my family and those around me at all times. It's time to show we are not victims, it's time to fight back, everyone of us..