You would think that after all the problems that have surfaced over the past 2 years the good ole boys might look outside their own corrupt ranks for a new police chief. but then again we've all heard the term "thick as thieves".


Meet New WPD Chief Frank Gentsch 


The bio released by Waco PD and regurgitated by the media is sketchy at best, didn't mention any military service, high school or where he grew up at. Just a series of law enforcement academy's and Mclennan County Jr College. its a clear sign he's indoctrinated into the brotherhood, anyone outside of those ranks are suspects and potential targets. His claim to fame in Waco is he was shot twice investigating someone behind a building.


Just being a police officer and attending one police academy after another doesn't make one a good well rounded person. Lets hope there more to him than police, police, police, we've seen our share of supposedly good officers lie, cheat and steal.


Proclaimed Christian Sgt. Swanton for instance, police work trumps his faith, do not bear false witness, the 9th Commandment.


Don't expect any real change


Its more than clear Waco and the good ole boys of Baylor U are not ready for a new direction. There will continue to be corruption and cover ups that will plague the city called six shooter junction. There's no scandal they will not endure to continue on this path of self destruction and at some point it will implode.



Turd Able Reyna continues to spin around the toilet bowl with one trial delay after the other. He's stuck, he can't move forward or backwards without exposing themselves to be the corrupt liars they are. Attorney Paul Looney said no one will ever go to trial in Waco / Mclennan County. If that's true it bodes well for those actually guilty of a crime. Which may number 3. For those Bikers that were not guilty of the cookie cutter charges brought by Able Reyna and company, it means they continue to suffer because of an immoral corrupt judicial system hell bent in self protection. Can't admit wrong..


The powers that be in Waco / Mclennan County are set in their ways and it's the very reason for all the turmoil from Baylor U to the oppressive / aggressive nature of their law enforcement. Ready to kill and money trumps good judgement. We witnessed it at Twinn Peaks and the following days, weeks and months. 


We doubt the new police chief will reach out to the motorcycling community in any form or fashion, he doesn't have to he's not elected, he's chosen by the good ole boys....


Even the fixer uppers can't fix whats wrong in Mclennan County. We would probably get better results talking to them. Because right now, they run Waco with 25,000 visitors a week and the only thing in town that's not corrupt. Well, not that we know of...


A Ride to the Fixer Uppers?


Respect,  MM