Texas Wide Alert


In the video below Jimmy Brigis gets a ticket for wearing his kutt or Club Colors. Evidently San Antonio Police haven't received the message our kutts are Constitutionally protected? They should contact the FBI who's pissed away millions of our tax dollars in pursuit of patches we have a right to wear or display.


Thank God the 1st Amendment still exists, at least in some places. In order to write a ticket there must be some kind of ordinance although we don't see it on the citation. Surely they wouldn't create it out of thin air, would they?


For hours we've been busy searching for the ordinance online and no dice. Tomorrow we'll put out feelers to people we know. 


Once again motorcycle clubs are not street gangs. Anyone with a lick of sense knows this. Common sense seems to be avoiding the ranks of our police nowadays, we all know they are having a real hard time recruiting. Has dumbing down affected the ranks with closed minds?


Vilifying, creating hype, creating a narrative is a huge part of the law in Texas. They don't mind at all sending the innocent to jail or ruining lives financially. Visiting Bikers from other states should know what they might be riding into, this is a hostile state toward Bikers. Even if your not on their OMG list. This is a mandate statewide per CCP 61.02..


We find it amusing with crime rocketing all over Texas, the police continue to stop and harass Bikers in lieu of protecting citizens. Cities like Dallas have neutered their Police (Dallas 40 murders in May), they are slaves to the BLM with supporters like the city manager and police chief. We gotta believe cities like San Antonio and Houston are not far behind or maybe out in front. Could it be Bikers have let themselves become easy targets for wounded police departments? 


Thank you Jimmy Brigis for posting this important video...


Standby for more, check back in a day or two. 

Jimmy Brigis