No Restrictions


Winners & Losers


Loser: There's Not doubt Nancy Pelosi & crew wants to keep the pandemic fallout going. It's the very reason they are slow walking much needed funding to the very people that have delivered them such lavish lifestyles. Matter of fact she is so out of touch she doesn't get why people are now protesting all across the country. She and those like her have embraced total collapse and thousands of deaths in favor of an agenda. For these reasons we pick her as a big loser in November.

COSTCO Rumage Sale


Winners: Retail Sales Giants Walmart, Costco that can pack their stores to the hilt with no restrictions on what you can buy and people not following the guidelines whether state or federal. 


Losers: Small and medium sized businesses. Note! You can browse through clothing, buy jewelry, cameras, TV's, almost anything you can name at retail giants like Walmart, Costco, Academy and so on. But a small business that sells similar or specialty items cannot open their doors even following safe guidelines. "Retail To Go while others go wild is unacceptable and inexcusable.  


Winners: Its been reported that "large customers" (VIP's) have received special treatment by Banks like Wells Fargo assigned to distribute Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Funds. Smaller businesses are shoveled to the back of the line. Waiting and dying will democrats slow walk everything to inflict as much damage as possible.


Losers: Your Local Malls & Retail. Shopping Malls Have more space for people to spread out, yet they are closed. Why? Retailers big and small are taking a hit while Walmart, Costco, Academy are allowed to flourish. JC Penny and Neiman Marcus just to name a couple of known brands.  


Winners: Internet sale are through the roof with people stuck at home, just don't try to buy something you might really need when it comes to covid19. Amazon and others lead the charge in killing retail stores, now covid19 may finish them off. 



Sons Of Liberty Riders MC - Corona Ride #2


With Rains storms surrounding us we felt it was imperative we get out of the house for a few hours. So we picked the best route to go around the morning rain. This time we decided to go out to Lake Worth for a ride to the Castle which in a state of disrepair. Please will some rich dude refurbish the damned thing or give it to us and we'll do it. Damned!