Leave it to CNN to find a way to blame veterans for the problems in Baltimore which runs the gambit. #1 which is a progressive democratic government that's failed them and cities like them for over 4 decades. Its simple all they have to do is look in the mirror and figure out who's been in control and go from there.


​Its like America as a whole, we keep reelecting thieves and con artists who are all about themselves and party. Of course the progressive media has a lot to do with the bad choices we have to select from.


The only time politicians show up is when they need your vote or a sound bite in front of a camera. Riots are the perfect opportunity to show how much they care, when in reality its about them.


Its incredible that our president has more compassion for illegal immigrants and muslims around the world than he does for his people in the inner cities of this country. Some black community members are waking up to this. You must understand government needs you to be victims and looking to them for help.


Politicians repeat the same rhetoric they've been saying for decades, lack of education (with billions spent), no jobs for young people (plenty for illegals who are at the front of the line), no fathers in the home (government contributes to that), the list runs on and on.


 Veterans are part of the solution, not the morons at CNN or any other MSM anchor/reporter who try to pass blame everywhere but where it belongs.


Any community that produces, thugs, gangs, drug dealers, dropouts and becomes a welfare state will always be struggling. They will vote based on who they think will give them the most, not who will help pull them out of poverty, provide jobs and on to a better productive life...


Cities like Ferguson and Baltimore now get the double whammy, property values drop, people want out, some businesses will never return. It takes decades to recover if ever.


This goes double for a Nation that does not respect it's Veterans and the rule of law... 


Baltimore and cities like it are the product of a progressive government fueled by both parties that's been in place too long and we put them there..