When Police get out of their car with a black pair of Joe Rocket type gloves with Kevlar knuckles he's ready to whoop ass. On top of that others show up to get their licks in. While Doing more research on the militarization of our police, I find the more I see it makes me sick. Knees on the neck while six other officers have someone pinned down seems to be a move made by a person who should not have a badge. They've killed with neck holds. 


We must expose every police officer that's nothing more than a thug with a badge, we must expose the code, the thin blue line.


Keep your camera phone at the ready... Report what you see.


In The Video below we see a little bit of everything by officers who should not have a badge, who should have been fired and convicted of assault. Officers who can't wait to attack, with Kevlar gloves, tasers, fists, knees, baton ends and in groups.


Even the TV Show Cops Got Their Fill Of It... You will see one officer kick a hand cuffed woman and then they claim he was attacked. Liars Liars liars...