Make know doubt we like Donald Trump because he is not a Politician and is a fighter unlike the cowards that exist within the House & Senate. We think 99% of the elites in both party's are corrupt as hell and actually work together to keep us all fighting. Meanwhile they are free to rape and pillage the whole country.  They actually use our tax dollars along with corporate fat cats and media to fund our own destruction.



Those of us who are not indoctrinated by the two party's we get it, we see it everyday while others tear each other apart over ethnicity, immigration, religion and so called social injustice. City, County, State, Federal corrupt as hell because of Democrats, Republicans, Unions, Special Interests Groups, Lobbyist, Law Enforcement Politicized and even Religious Organizations. Led by people that have their own interest above all others, it's all about money.  Many took an oath that they never intended to uphold for one moment.


Because he's not a politician President Trump is naive on many fronts, Law Enforcement is one of them. It's easy to get a round of applause from a conservative audience when you say you back the blue. They'll jump up and down and get a tingly feeling that rivals a Chris Mathews moment.


But for us Constitutionalist we see danger in the lifting of a so called ban on Military style hardware for Law Enforcement. Of course we don't believe a ban ever existed, it was just a ruse of the Obama years that gave birth to the BLM movement. Please understand Law Enforcement including the DOJ has been politicized from top to bottom. The Constitution has been and continues to be trampled on in favor of whatever they say it is. They can suspend our Constitutional Rights at the drop of a hat and a lie. There are laws for us and laws for them that gives them special privilege. This is the reason day after day we see no one held accountable for their actions and in actions. Selective Enforcement we call it, with the people taking the brunt of it. 


When you turn your local police into a GI Joe, that's trained to to kill with overwhelming force "Protect And Serve" goes out the window. Your at the mercy of hyped up men. Many times we've seen police turned into thugs with badges. They make mistakes, there's no apology, no admission of wrong doing, no restitution.


No where was this more evident than Twinn Peaks in Waco where multiple police units ambushed Bikers that were engaged in a parking lot fight. Head and neck shots for those who may have been fighting for their lives and had know idea police where present and in hiding. To this day over two years later we have no clue of rules of engagement or what agencies were involved. Didn't take long for them to scrub the crime scene and pick up evidence like spent brass. Many say they were putting the brass in their pockets. The DA's report doesn't jive with people who were there and heard the shots they say was in the hundreds. 


Newspaper reports and indictments against confiscated motorcycles suggest Law Enforcement played a part in creating a situation for the fight that took place in the parking lot, Waco PD and other agencies failed to make their presence known if they believed trouble was imminent, they also made no effort to contact the organizers of the event at Twinn Peaks, Negligence we call it. We feel a mass cover up is going on led by the DA Able Reyna and the McLennan County Courts.


All that being said we feel Militarized weapons and training of our Police is going to lead to more violence against police officers. The BLM, Antifa, Communist, DNC are politically driven and funded by the rich, well connected and powerful. They have banded together, speak out of both sides of their mouths, they are backed by the media who much like Law Enforcement will pitch a narrative of hate and violence. One toward Bikers and the other toward police.


These Anarchist groups are feeling very powerful right now. They think they are the new revolution. They think they are winning the hearts and minds of the people and the progressive democrats have yet to disown any of them.


Lets us say this, current police training and tactics will fuel the flames of racism for these groups. Every time a cop (doesn't matter color) shoots a black man or child, every time they see 6 men on 1, a knee on the neck, a person fighting for breath, a woman slammed to the ground in front of her children. All of it by men that look like the Gestapo has come and they are all taking steroids. The flames get higher. 


Police departments have failed to police their own, they've made it worse by releasing bad actors into the public, they know who they are. DA's and courts made it worse with rigged grand jury's that let them go unpunished. They "Protect And Serve themselves at all costs.


Unlike Law Enforcement MC's Organizations across the country have asked that Clubs get rid of bad actors that might be involved in criminal activities of any kind. We're tired of being harassed, vilified by rumors, innuendo, paying lawyers to fight crooked courts. 



Respect,  Popeye