To: The Honorable Governor Greg Abbott
Subject: Twinn Peaks / Waco PD

Dear Governor Abbott. My Name is __________ I’m a motorcyclist and a Motorcycle Club Member who wears a leather vest with a patch on the back. Some people call us Bikers.

What I wear or ride does not make me a criminal as described by Waco PD Sgt Swanton. Who for days took the media on a fictional sensational rant that slandered every biker in Texas and America. Very little of it was true other than a fight broke out in the parking lot.

177 innocent people that day were witnesses at best, arrested using bogus charges issued by a former DPS officer now a JOP who said he wanted to send a message.. He then put them under million dollar bonds. Many were held weeks and months losing jobs and much needed family incomes. Their property confiscated (even eyeglasses)

They are under a gag order to keep the truth hidden.

9 people shot dead, 20 wounded. As the truth starts to come out Waco PD and other law enforcement officers will be responsible for most of the deaths and wounded. Waco PD has been caught in one lie after the other, the DA is now desperate for plea bargains.

Of course this is how it is done in Texas isn’t it?  We are not fools, I’m born and raised here.

We have questions;
What was this operation called?
What were the Rules of Engagement for this operation?
Were people shot for what they were wearing?
Were people shot for entering a parking lot?
If they thought there might be trouble why was there not a show of force by WPD at Twinn Peaks?
Why did Waco PD visit Cossacks the day before?
Why did Waco PD not contact the organizers of the event?
What altercations did Waco undercover officers participate in prior to Twinn peaks?
Did Waco PD undercover officers steer the Cossaks to Twinn Peaks to ambush them all?

My request is simple. Please investigate the actions of Waco PD and other Law Enforcement agencies involved.

We seek truth wherever it leads but we want truth not lies by the Law and those who give them cover.