Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of a privileged class. Going to a closed hair salon unmasked to get a blow job (blow dry). Has she not heard of a hair dryer?  She fits several types of privileged classes. Being a privileged political person means you can always blame some one else, never ever your fault.


hair dyer tree pelosi's house
hair dyer tree pelosi's house

Lets start with political class who makes laws for us they do not follow, enriching themselves, ignoring their constituents needs with policies designed to increase their power and reelections. Failing liberal policies is proof of it all including San Francisco where Nancy comes from. What comes with political privilege is political arrogance.


So this makes us think just how many privileged classes are there?


White privilege: white children have been schooled hate themselves.

Black privilege: to many programs to count benefiting blacks

Hispanic privilege:  same as above  

Illegal privilege: free shit including emergency room healthcare & Legal help

Left handed privilege: ​ bet ya didn't know some states offer scholarships for lefties

Judicial privilege: multi tiered justice. laws for them (law officers, politicians, antifa, blm,) laws for us.

Ethnic Privilege: Its easy to figure that out. Your color gets you government perks.

Executive Privilege: salaries & perks like golden parachutes

Military Privilege: rank has it's privilege (been there done that.


We're sure you can add more to the list. The point is you don't have to be white to have privilege others don't have. You just have to look beyond the narrative to see it.


Just sayin




Vote In Person It's Not Only A Privilege But A Right.