The me, me, me. I,I,I, president can't help himself. He will never shut up and quit pushing a globalist agenda. Is anyone listening to him now? Lets see what the big bankers, corporations and party elites will be willing to pay for his speeches. Obama will soon have zero power and zero credibility for the world is rejecting the globalist view of open borders, massive immigration, rules and regulations by nameless faceless bureaucrats / aristocrats. His Legacy of executive orders will soon be history along with Obamacare which is collapsing under it's own weight. He is sad and mad, look for more bashing of our country and Trump from overseas.


The Greek Prime Minister did not fall for Obama's America bashing trap 


There's nothing wrong with putting the American workers / citizens first and expect fairness among all countries, whether it be on trade or other issues like security from those that would do us harm.


China is making those moves now with all kinds of threats made at us, They surely want to protect their jobs and manufacturing gains they've made at the American workers expense. Sorry but NO TPPA China! 

Mexico and Canada have said they are willing to renegotiate trade deals they know are unfair. Its was in the 80's I was involved in the NAFTA battle, back then we told democratic politicians like Martin Frost NAFTA would destroy American manufacturing and everything was in favor of foreign entities. Thanks to Bill / Hilary Clinton's support and a combination of democrats and republicans it was shoved through, we were told it would actually created jobs, we told them it would be death to American Manufacturing and the American Workers jobs.


First to feel the effects of NAFTA were the textile industries on the east coast

Rarely talked about


What made it worse was the support of democrats like Martin Frost in the next election cycle by unions, "my union". I was livid! How in the hell can we make all kinds of threats about support and then after they throw us under the bus, be asked to vote for them the very next chance we get to send a message? At that moment thousands of unions workers across the country knew we were in a ship full of liars. From then on not only did we battle liberal politicians we battled our own unions as well. They did not have our interest at all, nobody had our backs. There was a shift in the paradigm, no longer were democrats the party of the working man, no longer were they the party of my father.


Democrats are the party of the elite's (laws for us - laws for them), party of Soros, party of anarchy, party of the bureaucrats, party of the poor, party of criminals, party of the corporations, Party of big banks, party of the illegals, party of foreign lands and worst of all party of me, me, me!  Elites have made themselves and their friends very very rich while the American workers tread water. 


Finally we have a man that says the "American Worker First"!


Whether You Be White Black Brown Or What


Fair Trade Or No Trade 


Respect, MM