KLIF 570 Markley, Vancamp, & Robbins spent the better part of their program bashing Ukraine as if they purposely fire a missile into Poland. What we are being told as of 4:26pm 11/16/22 is that a russian made missile landed in Poland killing two people. From our point of view NATO including Biden administration is going out of their way to blame Ukraine who they say must have fired a defensive missile at a missile incoming from russia.


via  Ramiza PL   

The narrative right now this is a horrible mistake in order to not escalate. So Ukraine is going to get the blame like it or not. We believe they know the truth of it all, but this relieves all sides of taking further actions which could be catastrophic. 


Who didn't know this was going to happen?  It has been report as of Aug 8, 2022 — 24. Russian troops have fired more than 3,650 missiles and guided rockets into Ukraine. 85 were fired in way day all across Ukraine.


We are shocked a stray missile or rocket has not gone outside of Ukraine borders. Then again maybe it has happened, we are not sure what this says about Poland's border security. Maybe the only reason we are hearing about this is it killed two people.


We would think most missiles would come from easterly directions. If Ukraine was taking defensive actions they would be firing to the east and not to the west if Ukraine was doing it at all. We say prove it so we know the truth. Remember we are getting propaganda from all side including our local radio like the morons at KLIF who don't like the idea we are involves in supporting Ukraine.


The Biden admin has jumped into the fray with both feet and republicans are down with it no matter what we think. If we pull back now what happens? Everything that's going on in the world now is at the feet of a weak feeble leader "FJG"...


Butch "Popeye" Moss USN