Isn't funny that the city of Waco is accusing  F. Clinton Broden, who represents Matthew Alan Clendennen of trying to get around the law of discovery. WPD's weekly spew has caused more questions than answers as the Waco courts continue foot dragging to keep their private jails as full as possible.

Since this nightmare of cover ups began there is one thing for sure. Waco is not concerned about rules of the law and Constitutional rights of not only bikers but anyone they can round up.


Otherwise they would have freed the innocent that were not involved in the parking lot fight.  Instead we got LE telling us they were going to teach a lesson to bikers by holding them as long as they can. This fits a pattern of catch and hold long before Twinn Peaks. 

Let's see if we can get Waco's Barney Fife back out of his hole. Yes that would be Sgt Swanton the self proclaim hero of Waco who saved the city from outlaw bikers in an imaginary criminal enterprise meeting. When a person gets whacked and disappears from the scene as the lead spokes person it's usually because they've  **cked it up or there is some sort outside business or personal conflict of interest. In all the posts put up about Swanton in the All For 1 Rally & Protest FB site somebody hit the nail on the head. 


Did he personally help orchestrate this parking lot ambush and killing field? Does he to suffer from gang-a-phobia? Is he just a puppet of the FEDS? What was the operation called? What were they rules of engagement (ROE)? As a fellow Veterans I want to know, Who's bullet killed Veteran Jesse Rodriguez? Was he considered collateral damage? 


Swantons disappearance is certainly not because he or any other LE is under threat. They are the lightning rods that takes our movement to new levels. We want him back out there.


We just want truth and accountability. It was just a few days ago the latest LE spew said the video will show. Well, put up or shut up, quit jacking with the lives of the innocent and give some real answers and get help for your officers who suffers from some type of gang-a-phobia.


​Since the former owners of Twinn Peaks was screwed out of thier franchise by LE they should release the video which is their property on youtube immediately. One screwing deserves another.. 


​The real criminals in Waco right now wear badges and suits. I did ask the Sheriffs to go arrest them, they laughed, I was serious... I'm holding a pic of one of the crooks in the pic above.


Texas Biker Radio will be traveling to Waco before the 2nd wave to interview Waco residents and get some answers..


We'll keep you informed..