According to the Waco Tribune two defendants in the Twin Peaks biker shootout who were re-indicted earlier this month on murder and riot charges might be tried together and had a priority trial date set Friday for Jan. 15.

Jeff Battey, 53, of Ponder, and Ray Arnold Allen, 48, of Crum, both members of the Bandidos motorcycle group, were joined in Waco’s 19th State District Court on Friday by four other bikers who were re-indicted May 9 on new charges that will replace the original engaging in organized criminal activity charges.

Judge Ralph Strother called the hearing to get updates on the pending cases.


​TBR: So why wait another 7 months? Lets rumble now! this should get real interesting since the first debacle, "I mean trial" gave a hint on whats to come.


We think it's obvious and testimony has showed the law played a big role in funneling the Cassacks to Twinn Peaks on May17th 2015. Proving that could be a big play for Cossacks? 


​Actions and inaction's by the law says it all. it was also interesting that the Waco Police Chief testified we take information from CI's / UC's with a grain of salt, highly unreliable . Yes we have that video too.  


​Testimony from the restaurant manager was very damaging to the prosecutions case and it will be again. He made it clear who he thought were the aggressors that day. 


It's still unclear to us who killed who since the police fired the most lethal of weapons used that day and weren't honest about what weapons were brought in for testing. Who are they trying to protect? 


​The Constitution and the right to peaceably assemble should play a big role in the upcoming trials, we've got plenty to say about that and video evidence to back it up...