Fox News Producer, Alex McCaskill, was fired by fox news for the headline Wanna Be Dick-tator. We have news for the fox hierarchy, millions of us agree with that headline and we've all crossed the line along with Alex. He confirmed his exit in an Instagram post. Fox News did not comment on Friday.


All Headlines say he was a producer for Tucker Carlson. We're not sure that's the truth. Maybe they're trying to push some kind of narrative. We don't trust them. It's what corporate leaders do nowadays, even if they know a backlash is coming.


Let us point out Alex is not that far off base. The more we see Russian Pres Putin and his minions the more we see similarities in our own government and media. Our opinion is, Both would kill, imprison and ruin people's lives. Both are doing exactly that now!


Yes Biden has an army of nuts ready to go. You know what we're talking about and they are still out there. Including the FBI and DOJ and a host of other armed government agencies. There Putin and Biden are busy arming government against the people they are supposed to serve.Biden wants to be Putin...


Putin is a thief, he kills or throws his political opponents in prison, he controls all media along with a narrative of his choosing. No one criticizes the narrative or Putin.


The Federal Assembly votes with him 100% of the time. Russian oligarchs give him a cut of the action to keep him at bay. If not they risk prison time, or worse have their businesses confiscated. Outside of that he skimms of the top of everyday Russians, along with Generals and everybody else. It's the reason Russian soldiers had to buy their own equipment.


Putin is said to be worth 200 billion.  


Zeroing in on Biden (aka The Potato Head) since he's was falsely elected by a system that mimics soviet style elections (my opinion) he has behaved as dick-tator in chief. It's getting worse as government entities circle the wagons' to protect him.


It's more that obvious he and his family have been selling access, it's more that obvious he is violating his oath of office, it's more that obvious he's is compromised by China, it's more than obvious he is a sick man..


There is a reason politicians fight to stay in office for decades, it's a cushy and profitable job for many, especially if your in line with the folks on the left.


Just my opinion... Did I Cross The Line?? 


     Let's Go Brandon