This week we had Sons Of Liberty Riders MC National Meetup. It's always fun when we get together. It's full of surprises twist and turns with a new tradition for our Prospects. We called it "Das Boot", in which we may talk about later. Then again you may have to join to find out.


The one thing that has been a constant over the years is. "Moonshine", in every flavor you can imagine. My favorite is "root beer". At last years New Mexico Meetup I misjudged my intake and lost my voice for about 2- 3 days. This year I was more moderate and lost it anyway, "allergies"! It the reason there will be no podcast till at least Tuesday's podcast.



At this time I'd like to announce that Fort Worth has officially FU the stockyards. We can no longer park in front of the Love Shack. Where we've had great fun with the people passing by, taking pictures on our Bikes, showing love and respect towards all Bikers and our Club.


We got away with our Bikes in front all day on Tuesday. We went back Late Wednesday afternoon. Then out of the blue comes FTW police. One cop in charge of the stockyard parking?  Parking attendant?" 


In Front Of Love Shck


Can't park here, he said. "I got a call". We suspect it was the place next to the Love Shack on the east side, "pricks"! Our crew was scattered everywhere lookin for grub. So we had to negotiate some time to find everybody who had ordered food. Some had meals already on the table.
15 minutes to do all of this was not being cooperative. So, I slow walked it and put on my gear for 5 min or more. Was the last one to pull out to go a half block up the hill where another business owner thought he owned the street.
We ended up at a place called the basement which was cool but just not the same. We gotta find some way to send a message, I got some ideas about that, maybe an unauthorized Biker Day in The Stockyards? Leave your comments. 
Each time we do a National Meetup it takes it's own identity and this one was know different, even with moonshine from out of state Chapters. Unlike New Mexico, Arizona, Tennessee the Dallas Fort Worth area hasn't much in the way of natural beauty. Closest thing we have to a mountain is our garbage dumps with mountains of trash.
So we have to make up for it in things to do. Must visit Strokers and the Stockyards. That may sound underwhelming and we need to get out more. We've had great times at those places, especially when they are hopping, so cool to hang with friends and make new ones. 

New DFW Brothers
2chain & GQ in pic
Some of the best memories is from hanging out with our Brothers at the hotel. Where new traditions are born (Das Boot) and taken to new highs. Everywhere we go we make new friends. The hotel staff has invited us back anytime. They went as far as telling the Fort Worth Police to take a hike, no problems here.  
Yes, the Fort Worth Police showed up at our hotel. They said they received a complaint and pressed the hotel staff to say we were causing problems. This is when our New Mexico President confronted them and handed them a pocket Constitution. Telling him it was his most prized possession, all 3 cops left and our guys returned to partying in front of the hotel until the wee hours of the morning.
Did I leave that part out, partying in front of the hotel?
For me the most disturbing thing in that episode is the FTW Police approached us with an attitude. An attitude that has taken many decades of vilification, innuendos and outright lies about Bikers & Motorcycle Clubs by law enforcement. You would think they might have learned a lesson over the past couple of years? Constant badgering by the left for law enforcements bad apples. That's not the case in many areas in Texas. It's in my view bad leaderships makes bad cops and creates bad laws through the State Legislature. Laws that violate our Constitutional rights to even exist.
The guests at the hotel were cordial towards us and curios for the most part. Only a couple of moaners who felt they had rights we didn't, like parking. Those were few and far between. We give a special shout out to the family from Austin TX who's carrying on the mullet haircut tradition. It took 3 days to get a peep out of the youngest, who would peep over the chairs and look at us. Finally got him and them, 5 in all. Went out to my Bike for photo ops.
No, we don't take pics of kids or post that are not our own. It's simple stuff that can make you happy. It was the same in front of the Love Shack.. 
We did have one New Mexico Chapter member go down on the way to Strokers in Dallas. Seems as though this woman didn't have the patients to follow our convoy of Bikes  and promptly ran Naptime into the guard rail at 60 to 70mph. Totaled his Bike while he sustained what appeared to be minor injuries, "Thank God"!
That's not the end of it, the lady tried to run from the scene, we did get her stopped. While that was going on two Hispanic men jump out of their truck and robbed Naptime of his gear while on the ground. WTF instead of providing aid? Proof our society has gone mad. He's now home in New Mexico and sorting out his next ride, of course that's based on what I would do.   
On Tuesday night 7pm cst this week. OG and I will be talking more about our National and looking ahead to what's next.