Quick Election Night Observations:


#1) As the President started closing in on Bidens electoral lead and in fact would surpass him to win the Presidency, election night ballot counting was stopped in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada.  Whats raising eyebrows is the fact the majority of these state were trending for a Trump victory. Somehow in unison all these states quit counting ballots. It doesn't pass the smell test, not after what we've witnessed the past 4 years and past 4 Presidential elections.. 


#2) There was no blue wave as predicted by the left winged media and big tech. Republicans maintain a majority in the senate and the house is now split due to republican gains there. 


Once again the media & polls have egg on their faces and well deserved it is..


Poll Watchers What's The Job:


Basically, they are there to watch. They can look for violations of state law – things like electioneering (campaigning too close to a polling place), tampering with voting equipment, bribing voters, voting illegally or "unlawful operation of a sound amplification device."

Any violations should be reported to the election clerk or judge at that polling place. However, the watcher cannot discuss the matter beyond reporting it, unless invited by the election judge.

They can also observe vote tallying "to verify that the votes are tallied and read correctly."

They must wear a badge identifying them as a poll watcher, issued by the election judge.

So what can poll watchers not do?


Basically anything other than watching.

They cannot talk to voters.
They cannot communicate with voters in any way regarding the election.
They cannot be inside a voting booth.
They cannot leave without the election judge's permission, unless the watcher has been on duty for at least five hours.


Like election clerks and judges, they cannot question the reasonableness of a voter's impediment to getting a photo ID, if the voter chooses to fill out a form saying they could not get an ID.


Can’t believe I have to say this, but the Texas Penal Code specifically prohibits anyone from carrying a firearm, a knife with a blade over 5 and a half inches, a club or other weapons on the premises of a polling place during early voting or on Election Day.

Lastly, it's a class C misdemeanor to loiter within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling place, so unofficial poll watchers, take note.