It's odd, within minutes of the school shootings in Florida, David Hogg started career building off of the deaths of his fellow students. He's reported to be headed toward a journalism career with CNN and has become the darling of liberals everywhere. 


As children were dying and headed to hospitals he was making his way toward the cameras looking for and finding interviews. Whatever network you turned to he was there. The articulate young Hogg sucked the air from others that sought their 2 minutes of fame on National TV and fake news.


Make no doubt that many students followed his lead on to your TV screens. Most were passionate, had genuine concern for their fellow students, they were in shock. They were also ripe to be influenced by agenda driven liberals such as teachers and politicians.


Never Let A Good Tragedy Go To Waste  


But what we are witnessing is something else and is now led by pure evil. Evil that took over the democratic party decades ago. Like we pointed out in a recent article the children will hand over the keys to the government and destroy what's left of our Constitutional Rights. Every bit of it driven by emotions not critical thought. 


David Hogg is now in the National spotlight and loving every minute of it. His career path is whatever he wants to be. A journalist, a politician, he is set to make a fortune off the backs of his dead classmates. He is now the voice of the liberal left. Movie stars, politicians and liberals of all types are jumping on his bandwagon. 


To get in the way of their path will require work and organization. They will vilify everyone as a child killer.  Fla. Senator Marco Rubio is getting a taste of whats to come up until elections in November. They are organized and will receive endless amounts of funding and free media by the left. 


Hair Brained Politicians
Hair Brained Politicians

What they fail to recognize is the big picture. Since 9-11-2001 it has been clear Americans are open targets. Targets for the mad men of the world. Whether they be terrorists from foreign lands, criminals or a single classmate.


Big government has failed on all fronts to secure our Nation from attack.  Whether it be on our streets, office buildings, places of worship or in our schools, what we are seeing for decades is the results of those failures. By taking the eye off of the ball letting politics and politicians get in the way.


We've all learned it's not just guns that can be used for mass killings. Mass Killers are master minds when it comes to killing. Soft targets like our schools make it easy. We're really shocked we haven't seen more, soft targets are plentiful across America. 


Our Constitution is now in great peril because of these failures. The children have been indoctrinated. They will fast become the domestic enemy we took and oath to defend against..


It has to be you and me to grab our children, grand children by the back of the neck and set things straight. We now must organize and support each other just like you see in the media today. Without waving guns in their faces in front of the media.


Political pressure comes from those who vote in mass, makes contact with their elected officials in person .


Make no doubt the children will and have been ordered to indoctrinate their parents into the fold. Our children will tell us its  common sense, same line a Nancy Pelosi. Believe when we tell you they are networking and hoping for the days of Obama.


They will receive their marching orders from the evil within. You see they do not know history as you and I do. History has been changed according to the left. The Founders and Constitution has been vilified as old and outdated. Your children are for open borders, mass immigration, no God, attacks on corporate America, the very people that would provide jobs. What ever left wing label works, socialist, communist, liberal.



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