Speedy Trial Violations, who in the hell can't see this is true in McLennan County where foot dragging has been the name of the game for over 2 years. Gotta wait for this, gotta wait for that, gotta wait for federal trial on non related issues, meanwhile vivify the hell out of everybody with lies and innuendos made for the fake news who's in on the court house gig..  The courts are given way to much maneuvering room to drag trails out indefinably or it seems, a speedy trial can't be whatever the courts say it is, if it is it's time for a change.  Meanwhile the innocent men & women suffer at the hands of evil doers within government. See If You Can Figure It Out CLICK



Wait a minute did we just read 2 Judges are going to do 1 trial each month? What 6 1/2 years ending in 2023, is this a make work program going on for lawyers, judges & da's?  Government is very creative when comes to funding lawyers. That's a long time to prove your innocents. The fact is after 2 years the da knows who the guilty might be so know it's a 2 year witch hunt to find something, anything! The Constitution which is the supreme law of the land says a fair and speedy trial, it's up to us to monitor the corrupt and expose them all. 

Judge struther and others think their Judge Roy Bean, we got news McLennan County aint in Val Verde County, but the courts are similar Judge Bean rigged Jury's with his favorite saloon customers, McLennan County does it with their favorite good ole boys, Judge Bean depended on a single law book, we think struther never looked at his and missed the class on the Constitutional Law. Judge Bean never actually hanged anyone and never sent anyone to prison, In McLennan county they want to hang or send everyone to their for profit jail, even the innocent that has committed no crime.


​Lord lets get the trials moved to the Jersey Lilly Saloon please..


Maybe Time For A Speedy Trial Rally In Front Of The Court House...