TBR: We know the law and other government entities watches everything we say and do. The reality is, there is nothing we say or do that they shouldn't hear. For us it's about the Constitution and Freedom "For Everybody".


That doesn't mean we condone criminal activities, even by politicians or the law.


As our recent video "When Police Go Rogue" asked just who were the outlaws that day? The are too many questions that are unanswered, its looks phony controlled and scripted.


The prosecutor continues his smear campaign with words of execution style killings between Bandidos and Cossacks. In the same breath he says the video shows. Although he offered no video or autopsy reports to back up his smear. 


As we've seen prosecutors rarely give a damned about truth. It's about how many convictions they get to further his or her own career. DNA results are now freeing people that were wrongly jailed by the law and unscrupulous prosecutors that hide evidence. In many cases someone involved in the case knew the person was innocent to begin with, but said nothing. This is what we are seeing now. 


The so called biker gang unit should know what a COCI meeting is.


The so called biker gang unit should know there are clubs and independents of all kinds that have no part in any kind of criminal enterprises.


​The so called biker gang unit should know there were Christian, Veteran, Political Clubs and guests in attendance. 


If they didn't heir undercover guys aren't worth a shit.. they've been to too many biker gang seminars that talk about the same MC's they've been talking about for 20 yrs.  


The fact is they did know, they didn't give a damned. If they were so concerned about their intel and the public safety they would have stationed uniformed police inside and outside in a show of force and prevented any kind of a fight breaking out.


​They now claim themselves to be heroes... 


The question has to be asked. Did the law turn a fight into a killing field? If so who turned them into licensed thugs, no better than any other gang.


As a Veteran who took the Oath. I want to know the "person" responsible for shooting and killing an unarmed innocent decorated fellow veteran doing nothing more than parking his bike. Is he considered collateral damage?


That unit should be ashamed, instead they are circling the wagons in an unending campaign against all bikers....


Done with Waco?  Hell No!


Waco is discussing their 2016 budget and the impact of arresting 170 people...


Its something we are aware of....

Thomas Hayden says...
"Collateral Damage is the term the Prosecutor and Waco Propagandist Swanton will use to defend the murders of unarmed civilian and Veteran Bikers.
We must all stay on top of this injustice and watch every move made by the corrupt political machine ." (6/11/15)