Give Me Sex 
WOW! What a difference a few hours makes. Just as we were saying Judge Strother was being made a human yo yo by Bandido Tom Mendez's lawyer (Pena), the Judge has decided he doesn't want any part of more recusal hearings. Once again it was obvious to us he is biased. No matter how hard he might try not to be they've done it their way so long in McLennan County its in their DNA. 


So the Judge has postponed the Mendez trial to 2019 and that brings up Baylor U's former football team member, their pride and joy Shaun Oakman who's been accused of rape. Lets see if they recuse the Judge?


Not Walking Tall Now
Not Walking Tall Now

We see this as a good decision. Abel Reyna has messed it up so bad nobody knows which way is up. Everything is tainted including the evidence. No Biker needs to go into trial against a desperate DA who's willing to send the innocent to jail. We're not saying no one is guilty of a crime, but this DA skewed the truth to fit a false narrative.


Its more than likely we will not see what Abel Reyna learned from his first mistrial. Where Jake Carrizal and Cassie Gotro took them head on with truth. We're willing to bet nothing. For they are fixated on Bandidos. Call "first alert" they've fallen and can't move on.


Something happened overnight. What are the possibilities?


1) Judge Strother saw another recusal on the way.

2) The Budget supporting more trials is not there. 

3) The political money men in the background said "enough" 

4) Biker grit, "never give in", "no pleas".

5) Texas Biker Radio - Wave 8 on the horizon as our attention turns statewide. 


For whatever reason we are thankful to God that Judge Strother has decided to move on to something other than Bikers. Going forward, it doesn't matter what they might do or not do. It's certainly not going to stop us from throwing political hay makers where needed.


McLennan County Courts have made themselves the epicenter of corruption in Texas. We're looking for fair trials "not show trials" full of lies and innuendo statewide. We will go wherever needed. 


​It's about your Constitutional rights that politicians that claim they support and uphold. DA's are the worst violators of their oath and our Constitutional rights followed by Judges and the law.